Monday, April 25, 2005

esreveR psycology

Reverse psychology works on kids most times, has worked on my daughter on several occasions, but not always. Lessons learned over the weekend:
Me: Don't eat this one, it's not nice. *making a face* - pthoo, pthoo...yechhh!
Aayushi: why? Appa, why?
Me: It's not nice, uggh..
Aayushi: (looks at the bowl thoughtfully and my heart does a bungee jump. She's gonna eat it now. Yay!!) Give..
Me: No. Not good..not nice...don't eat.
Aayushi: I want to eat. Give.
I hand over the bowl to her and she digs in a spoon or two. My wife enters the room and stands still, looking at us with a curious expectant smile. (Ah, that smile...)
Aayu looks at us both and almost instantly, together we realize the mistake. We were smiling at each other. (Drat!)
She pushes the bowl. "Yeah, appa. Not good - yechhh!! You are right. Not nice. Uh huh..."
So much for reverse pyshology. Duh!


alpha said... guys need more training to embark on such stuff... your kid is a smart one.

Ash said...

Lol !
Smart Aayu :)

phatichar said...

alpha: i need to enroll in the NDA.. :)

Ash: She's a lot smarter, ash..

Shobha said...

LOLOLOLOLOL..........hahahahaha! Kids understand everything.......ehhee!

Khushee said...

Ah, it backfired :D Reverse psychology still comes in handy for me :D

phatichar said...

Shobha: you're right, kids mostly understand everything and we underestimate them, which is a big joke, actually!

Khush: reverse psychology IS pretty handy, I agree :)

Rakesh said...

that kid is awesome... loved you posts..

The Meditating Lion said...

Hahahahaha! I love her already! sounds like shes my long lost twin!

phatichar said...

TML: Aayu's twin? Ulp!

:P :P