Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This too shall pass...

Another day. Another year. New beginning? Of what? It's just a calendar, with a different number. But well, let's not get too cynical about it, cause there's always something to be cynical about in life. So, yeah...let's look ahead and try and achieve things that we haven't already. As for this space, yep, there'll be more stories, more updates...it's just another day at the blog. :)

A Happy New Year to all of you! (...it's great having you all around)


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yaayyy!! New year, new post... and I comment first! Happy new year, sire!

KJ said...

me second


Looking fwd to stories with "Twist"

hugs to aayu & rgds to anu..


Akruti said...

Happy new year to you.

visithra said...

i love the title - something i adhere to

happy new year btw ;)

Parna said...

hey! its been a couple of days into the new year. a new post now please :)

Cherubin said...

hey..Happy New Year...I'm back in a new avatar (in my friends opinion closer to my real self) :)

manuscrypts said...

a happy new year to you too :)

Khushee said...

Happy New Year! :)

Prerona said...

Happy New Year Dear ... may the new year bring you good things!

Parna said...

oi. update.

shub said...

was the resolution to blog kesser? x-(
update maadi bega!

Saltwater Blues said...

Great having you around too bro. Best wishes for 2006.


Ash said...

Wish you an interesting year ahead :)

phatichar said...

Sudipta: HNY to you too, friend.. :)

KJ: :) Yep, let's just hope I keep up what I said. Going by my schedule...well, anyway...u have fun. And wishes to your family as well.

Akruti: :) you too

visithra: :) HNY to you as well..keep comin'back.

Parna: I'll try, I'll try.. :)

Cherubin: hi angel, welcome back..

manuscrypts: yep..u too pal. :)

Khushee: how'z the year begun for you? Hope you're doing good.. HNY.. :)

Prerona: HNY baby..

Parna: I'm tryin, I'm tryin' (awwww, no am not..i know) :)

shub: Maad beku madam, time siktha illa (i know, lousy excuse...) :)

swb: hey, great to have you here after so long.. HNY to you too pal.. :) take care

Ash: thnx dear...and congrats once again