Friday, July 11, 2008

Stony silence...

The little guy was concentrating hard, turning the smooth, flat stone in his tender hands, contemplating how many skips to make in the placid lake in front of him. His lips were pursed, eyes browed into a narrow frown.

Sagar smiled at him from the bench nearby, and watched him intently. Go for it, tiger, he thought. The boy now looked uncertain.

Sagar rose, and slowly walked to him, hands in pocket.

"Giving up?"

The little tyke swung back, obviously annoyed at this unwelcome comment. He shook his head vigorously, and turned back to face the lake.

"I could do almost 10 skips when I was a kid," Sagar bragged; standing beside the boy now. That invited a mock 'ha'. Sagar smiled and looked on into the lake, taking in the moist smell of the algae.

"Ten, huh?" The kid spoke at last.

"Uh, huh," Sagar nodded, raising his eyebrow as if it were a record none had broken in a while. The kid shook his head smugly.

"What? You don't believe me?"

The kid shook his head again.

"Wait.." Sagar looked around for a stone, "...let me show you."

Big mistake big bro', the kid seemed to say.

Sagar grabbed a stone and concentrated. He frisbied the stone, skimming the lake and sending ripples. One, two, three, four...

The kid chuckled.

"Well, it depends on the..." Sagar began, but the stone from the kid's hand had already escaped and went gliding over the surface. 12 was the last he could count as far as his eyes could see. They both counted aloud. The boy turned to Sagar proudly, and walked away with a beaming face.

Sagar shrugged and turned to the lake. "Well...there know bad days."


Pinku said...

hmmm...leave the kiddos well alone...they know how to snub the old, worn out kinds very well...

Welcome back!

phatichar said...

pinku: Thx.. :)

shub said...


How've you been? And how's lil Aayu?

Mihir said...

I can only do two.


phatichar said...

shub: hey! Thx for droppin' by...they're're you?

mihir: hmmmm.. thx for coming by, Mihir.

kunal said...

good to have you back :)

and nice read ...

Nirav said...

I had at some point branded your stories to do only with the supernatural / creepy stuff.
Forgot that you write nice smile-invoking stories too.
Good one, this. And welcome back!


phatichar said...

kunal: thanx man

nirav: :-) thx..glad to be back.

Mampi said...

that was rather cute.

Anonymous said...

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