Monday, April 26, 2010

goofy kind of love...

You know, this weekend I took my daughter to a movie - How to train your dragon(3D). That the movie was thoroughly enjoyable, and that all kids must go watch it is something I reserve for another post (hopefully) :-), but there was a scene in the movie which made me smile, and think - hey, that was neat! For the way it was written. And for the way, the animators successfully brought out the feelings of blossoming love (perhaps) in a way that was so typical of a tom-boyish girl.

There's this guy, the main lead, a young boy named 'hiccup', who's training to be a dragon-slayer, but doesn't fit in. He feels he's too mild to be able to bring down dragons with his bow and arrow, machette, or axe..whatever. But everyday, he goes to a secret hideout instead, for a training of another kind (won't tell you, would spoil the fun). And there's this girl, who's his batch-mate, doesn't quite like his mildness, but is curious about him..wants to know more, so she follows him to his secret haunt one day. Long story short, she discovers something out of the world and experiences a joy-ride of sorts, something she's never experienced before.

And when the joyride ends, their eyes meet for second, and she punches his shoulder.
"This is for scaring me (which happens initially when she discovers what's in the hideout)".
He goes 'ouch', totally zapped at the anti-climax the exhilirating joy-ride offered.
And then before he can realize it, she quickly plants a peck on his cheek.
"this is for everything else," and disappears into the woods, leaving a confused, yet happy hiccup behind.

Now, nothing earth-moving, or 'lightning strike' about this scene, but I somehow felt it was very romantic. Clumsy...but romantic.

Speaking of which, there's this another scene from the movie Sunday - don't know if guys've watched it (Ayesha Takia & Ajay Devgun). Nothing great, routine murder mystery with bits of comedy thrown in - in short, watchable fare. But here again, the said scene makes you go, 'huh?', but also makes you smile.

The girl is a voiceover artist, mimicking just about any cartoon character thrown at her - Mickey, Donald, Tweety bird etc. Nice. And the guy's a cop. Yeah, that's how different they are(of course the guy behaves like a cartoon for the most part).

The scene goes like this - She's a prime suspect in a murder; things are not so good - and he's trying to help (by now there is some chemistry here, we know). They're sitting on a bench, the girl is looking sad and lost, he..he's just trying to figure out how to get her out of the mess. And to top it, the feelings they have for each other.

To pep up her spirits he asks her to do those voices she's so good at. At first she's hesitant, but opens up later... and he keeps on giving her lines that she mimics in voices like tweety, donald etc.

And then suddenly he says, 'I love you."
She goes 'I love you' the way donald duck would croon to daisy duck, "I loooooove you." (Imagine donald's voice, yeah?)
And then he says, " I love you too," poker faced.

She's about to mimic that, when she realizes what he's upto. And stops. He raises his eyebrows. She laughs this embarrassing laugh, which turns to a kind of bashful laugh, and he keeps on giving her the quizzical look. And then she mock-punches him.

I mean..come on - this kind of scene is a first, you've got to give it to them. It was cute, and at the same time silly. But nonetheless, very romantic. Made me smile. I know, die-hard romantics would 'pooh-pooh' this, but sometimes these clumsy-awkward scenes have their own charm.

Don't you think?



RustyNeurons said...

I totally agree with you on this. I have always had a weak spot for clumsy romance (probably says something about me eh?) Also, my life partner is one clumsy romantic :)
Makes it all the more endearing.

Alice said...

Didn't know about the 'Sunday' scene. If its really like you have described here, then its definitely 'awwwwww'. :D

Priya Iyer said...

awww... definitely... goofy romantic scenes might be silly, but they do make us smile :)
i am all for them :)

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

The second comment is SO CUTE! Atleast you didn't take your kid to watch Alice in Wonderland like one of my cousins did thinking it was a kid's movie. Poor thing got so scared.

phatichar said...

RustyNeurons: :-) that makes the two of u an endearingly goofy couple. Cute!

Alice: :-) It definitely the movie if you wish and see for yourself.

Priya Iyer: yeah :-)

JJR: oh yes, there's another like that - a christmas carol! i heard it's pretty creepy for a kid's movie. havn't seen it, tho', but overheard a few parents saying this...

Seema Smile said...

Hey, I kinda liked that scene in Sunday too and that's probably the only thing I remember of the movie :)
It's made better coz Ayesha Takia is a good actress. I really liked her in 'Socha Na tha'... that was a cute romantic film.

phatichar said...

seema: :-) yep. And don't forget Dor.

Seema Smile said...

Oh, she shined even in an outright ridiculous (yet entertaining) film like "Wanted"

~anu~ said...

bingo! i too loved that scene in how to.. :) she had some attitude! :)

phatichar said...

seema: havn't seen wanted, but ur bang on. she's one under-rated actress, and most times stuck in sorry movies.

anu: hai na? :-)

Neha said...

I usually am smiling with teary eyes when I see such scenes! They are like 'awww'! Just that I keep control on my emotions when I have company. You never know when the leg-pulling begins!

Arpit Rastogi said...

Hey.. My first time at your blog..
Its good.. :)

Nice Post..

keep Blogging.. Keep Smiling.. :)

Anonymous said...

waiting for some more spooky posts :)