Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7th Heaven...?

From the Frankly Spooking outtakes

Meena looked up at the clear night sky and sighed. Ah, bliss. Sometimes power cuts came with their own incentives. When else could you hang up your boots, forget about the internet, TV, and come up here on the terrace to enjoy the pleasant night?

She took a deep breath and walked lazily in circles, just soaking in the dry night air. Pleasant. It was dark everywhere, but she could hear merry-making in a few houses. She smiled. Rajeev had called earlier on to say he’d be late. But they’d made a pact that if there weren’t any mosquitoes tonight, they’d cuddle up on the terrace and perhaps even sleep up here. She was in fact looking forward to it. So far no mosquito had feasted on her. Not yet. She was tempted to check her mails on her cell phone but resisted. No Meena, just enjoy this – it doesn’t happen often.  She went back to her childhood when the entire family slept  o the terrace during summer. Oh, what fun. They’d pull one another’s legs, play all sorts of fun games, eat dinner, sip on the cool juice her mother would make for everyone – the fun never ended.

She wished all of them were here with her now. She wished…

Shit, something moved. There, there. Behind the parapet. Was it a monkey?

There had been sightings lately, and residents had been warned to arm themselves with something when they ventured out on their rooftops. Meena regretted not having got anything with her. She just had her cell phone. Fancy throwing it at the monkey. She shuddered to even think about it.

There, it moved again.

The top of its rounded head was clearly visible. Must’ve climbed onto the sunshade.

What do I do?

“Shoo, monkey...” She said, waving her hand frantically. Nope. The damn primate’s head was still visible. It was slowly moving sideways now. Meena stood still. Maybe it’ll just move onto the neighbor’s terrace. A moment later, the head ducked and disappeared. She waited, her breath arrested.

Nothing. Great, it must’ve gone.

She walked toward the parapet slowly. Ok, you ape, where are…

With a whoop, the form huddled behind the parapet leaped into the air; a short scream escaped Meena’s lips.

Where’d it go, where’d it go? - she looked around frantically. She bent down. Had it jumped down? Couldn’t be, they were seven floors up. She didn’t see the monkey jump to a neighboring building even. Then…?

Thud. Behind her.

She turned slowly, her lips trembling. The thing had jumped up and landed behind her.

And it definitely wasn’t a monkey. Monkeys were short. This thing was at least six foot tall, with hands and legs grotesque and hairy. It had no face – but a huge mass of, God knows what – Meena was beyond thinking now. She just stood there shaking like a leaf, eyes half closed.

God, let it go, please, please, please.

And then the creature suddenly vaporized into a huge ball of dark smoke and shot out at her.

A few minutes later, Rajeev stomped up the stairs and walked through the terrace door.

“Meenu baby, I’m here,” he said.

Meena was standing near the parapet, with her back to him.

She turned and smiled, her eyes shining like pearls in the dark.



Soumya said...


OMG, a spooky monkey man this one.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

what was that? i want to know what happened next!!

Kanthu said...

Were they in Delhi..?? Was it the vicious 'Kaala Bandhar'...;-)

Shreya said...

Just so you know, I spent my life in Delhi, and most of my childhood on the terrace during power cuts. And the bloody monkey man scared the shit out of me, enough that I'm still scared to step out alone at night.
Ya, I know, phattu that I am.
And this story didnt help! Hmph!!

~anu~ said...

every single time!


Nirvana said...

Meena very, verrry scared!!!! :-)

the little princess said...
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the little princess said...

As kids we slept on the terrace too during power cuts in summer..and scare each other with bhooton ki kahanis....! btw i thought rajeev ka bhoot aa gaya...

phatichar said...

Soumya: Well, helllo. :)

TFL: :P yeah?

Kanthu: Could be ;-)

Shreya: Ah, don't worry, yeh to fiction hai na, aakhir? :P

anu: Long time.. :) Thanks..

Nirvana: LOL..I never realized, seriously ;-)

Princess: heheh..I like 'bhooton ki kahanis' :P

aks said...

kala bandar, kala bandar! haha but seriously , a little less fun than your other ones :)

Mirage said...

Oh bapre.. Your ghosts are quite versatile. :-P

And nahi na..I am not back yet. Exams going on. I will soon be free though. (wuhoooo!!!) =]

TTT said...

ha ha ha can you imagine I just closed the door to my terrace :)

phatichar said...

aks: :)

Mirage: Good.. :)

T3: hehehe.. :P

Red Handed said...

You should publish these as short story

Nihareekaa said...

Remind me not to read your posts alone and in the dark again. I get scared every single time.


Anonymous said...

When is your book coming out ?
It is like a Zee Horror show where there is a tense moment and then ads appear. Only that, your stories are left at that for us to imagine at times and creepiness seeps in.

phatichar said...

Red: :) Let's see.. thank you for the confidence.

Nihareeka: Ok..will do - :P

toffee: Haven't thought about that as yet, but thanks for the confidence :)

PS: More than the zee horror show i used to like 'aahat' :P

Anonymous said...

spooky.. was it the ghost? is she a ghost now?

Anonymous said...

spooky.. was it the ghost? is she a ghost now?

the little princess said...

talking of zee horror show, there is going to be a new one on zee, "fear files", u can start ur own show, hai na....zyada daravana hoga!!

Visha said...

For a teensy-tiny moment, I thought maybe, just maybe this is a normal story.

I expected Rajeev to be the one hovering around and giving her a surprise by hugging her from behind. Even the premise you set up for perfect.


phatichar said...

GBTP: :) both...

princess: haha..;yeah?

zacksV: :)

Me said...

Oopssss that was scary....and I read it at this time of night before sleeping does not help either.

BTW I second toffee here - waiting to read your book :)

phatichar said...

Me: Thanks! :)

Keirthana said...

That's a scary one, Now I will have second thoughts in going to the terrace of my building :(

phatichar said...

Keirthana: :D