Friday, November 23, 2012

Book lover

Ranveer pushed the book towards the librarian, who looked at it with a frown.

“But I thought you wanted R.L. Stine’s Who Scares You the Most?

 “Well yes, but an elderly gentleman was reading it. Didn’t have the heart…”

The librarian smiled and shrugged. “Ok, as you wish.”

Ranveer took the book and turned to leave when he saw a garlanded portrait on the wall, above the librarian.

He turned to the librarian. “Uh, sir, who’s he?” He pointed to the portrait.

The librarian looked up and smiled. “Oh, him. That’s my grandfather.”

Ranveer nodded, still looking at the portrait.

The librarian still smiling – “And he too loved reading horror books. Just like you.”

Ranveer gulped. “I’m sure he did. He’s the one reading Stine's book upstairs.”



Revacious said...

Ah, RL Stine.. cheap, forbidden pleasures! :D

Kanthu said...

Seems like few habits wont just die when we do..;-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

This was kinda nice :D

PS: I still read R.L.Stine. :P

Nirvana said...

Hehehe..... I bet I'm going to haunt libraries too :-) ... Loved it

Bikramjit said...

Ohhhh... I guess even the souls who leae need something to read to pass time :)

Liked it sir .. nice one


Me said...

Oh wow.... sounds so much like Me :)

I am sure even I am going to haunt libraries like this reading my favourite authors!

Anonymous said...


Libraries are perfect places for ghosts of time past, no?

the little princess said...

oh three... I will be haunting libraries too!! let's earmark the best libraries..shall we?

And I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what!!

and before i forget to mention..loved this one!



the little princess said...

(wonder why my comment got posted twice? hence deleted one..)

Bhagyashree said...

This on ei sgood-short and sweet

TTT said...

he he he I can imagine myself sitting in a library reading books after I die !!!! The good thing is no membership fee !!!!!!!!!!

loved it ...

Rohuness said...

hahahaha!! wou wou! I'd also probably be foound reading in some good library after I'm gone. :D

phatichar said...

Revacious: Hehehe...yeah, absolutely.

Kanthu: True..

MSM: Thank you. Oh, you do? Good to hear that. :)

Nirvana: Thanks..I'm sure many of us would like to.

Bikramjit: Thank you, sir :)

Me: Ha ha.. join the club.

TGND: You bet..the best place, in fact. :P

Princess: :P :P I deleted it permanently for you, don't worry.

Bhagyashree: Oh look who's here! Honored, ma'am. Thank you so much. :)

T3: Ah, that's an incentive alright :P :)

Rohuness: Aaiye, aaiye! Kaise raasta bhool gaye! :P

Anonymous said...

Super.. didn't even came in my mind once that end could be so creepy... I was reading and thinking 'where's the horror bit.. where's the horror bit...' and bang on right at the end :)

phatichar said...

GBTP: :) Thanks, ma'am.