Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cat got your 'tangle'?

If you’re the kind of person that gets tense over the most trivial matters, you haven’t really seen a kitten with a piece of string, or a strand of a broomstick…or, well just about anything. Give her something, anything and you’ll suddenly feel like your problems in life were equal to a feather that would just blow away at the slightest breeze. But for the little feline, even an ant becomes a question of life and death.

It has to conquer. No matter what. No matter who.

Ok, before you furrow your brows any further, let me get to the point. Today, I saw our neighbor's kitten (that sometimes makes itself at home in our living room) finally meet its match. Yes, ladies and gentleman. The kitten today, came face to face, with its nemesis. The kitten…

Ok, ok, I’ll say it. The kitten met the earphone cable.

One of the biggest and the most mysterious problems I’ve ever faced in my life is the earphone cable. I suspect it was created with the very purpose of frustrating a person so much, that it could easily double up as a hanging noose (that might be an exaggeration, but just so).  But let me tell you this - The earphone was definitely invented by a sadist. Yes, that’s my opinion. I know, you’ll say “come on, it is a modern day wonder, it has made music all the more personal to us and all that blah blah.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I kid you not. The earphones might have been a source of joy (still is) for people of all ages, but… the earphone cable. That’s the one we didn’t reckon with. And pssst, you know what I think? I think… in reality – The earphone cable has life in it.

I’m telling you. At one point in time, I even contemplated spinning a spooky tale around it. I might still do it some day. But suffice to say that it is indeed one of the greatest mysteries of this planet. Try as much as you like, you’ll never be able to untangle the head phone cable the way you want to. No siree. It’ll have you in knots before untangling itself. On its will. Not yours.

And today. I watched in pure joyful horror, the kitten untangling this…rather, trying to untangle this mystery. And oh boy, what a spectacle it was. It’s too bad I didn’t have my camera charged (my cell phone camera is a different story, let’s not even go there), else I’d have posted a video here.

But it gave me immense sadistic pleasure in the thought that I was not the only creature having to put up with this electronic serpent. Plus to have finally given the kitten something she couldn’t proudly leave at my feet and walk away with that mockingly majestic swagger of hers. Ha. Toing, Toing (wiggling my bent finger at her face).

I think the next time I see the tiny paws tiptoe into our living room, I know just the thing to dangle in front of it.


PS: On a totally different note, I’m having to announce with great regret that today, while deleting spam comments, I accidentally deleted all comments, including my own, from my last three posts. Sorry about that. Will be more careful the next time. Damn you, spam (hey, that rhymed). :P


Red Handed said...

The earphone plug is a genius!! It knws so many different types f loops wich no man knws!!!
and btw yes damn u spam!

Visha said...

Ahem, it depends on how you keep your earphone cable wound up after using it. Keep it nice and it wont ever get tangled :P

If only we had a picture of the cat entangled here :D :D

Anonymous said...

earphone cable is my biggest nemesis too. Seems like I was a kitten in my previous birth :P

Kanthu said...

I still think the kitty's nemesis is the laser pointer. They go nuts over it.

And for the earphone tangling problem, roll over the earphone cable and tie a knot with plug end around the rolled cable. It works for me..:-)

phatichar said...

Red: Ha ha..

Visha: Yes, I do that when I travel, and it works no doubts, but one can't do it every single time, and that's when it gets back at you.

GBTP: :)

Kanthu: :P Pls see my response to Visha. About the laser pointer, well, haven't tried it - must do that as well, thanks for the info ;-)

PURN!MA said...

My my! Kittens are sucha pleasure... bechaare they even react wildly to their mirror image! :O

I do not wanna talk about ear plugs... or any wire for that matter... I have kilometers of them at home! None of them I can get rid of because they are in use. and I hate them. ALL! I wish this world were wire free. Why can't we have bluetooth charging? There would be no plug points and hence no shocks....Damn the wires, all sorts, especially the black ones, thin and thick, long and short, big and small!

:| Yeah that's what you get for splinching a raw nerve! x(... and I am not spam!

phatichar said...

Purnima: Calm down.. :) of course you're not spam. I said I accidentally deleted my old comments when I was deleting spam comments (since they reside in the same folder on blogger).

Chill. :P

PURN!MA said...

aww, don't take my rant seriously. I got what you said the first time around. Just messing with you. :)

And, saw those ear plug wires on the floor! Guess who I thought about? :)

Keirthana said...

You just said the thing. Earphones!!! So frustrating man.

It is on my wishlist that all things around me should be made wireless. Yeah, with today's technology I can even go ahead and do it, but then again there might be a fresh set of troubles!!

And Kittens- too cute, hope those tiny paws succeed at some point :)

Until later,
Keirthana :)

Aditi Ray said...

awwwww.... my my.. bichare... poor kittens ! and I thot u take sadistic pleasure in scaring just us ! Hah ... poor kitten ! :P

btw...reading it was a riot of laughter ! :D

Erratic Thoughts said...

hmm! I dont care much for cats and when I look at kittens, they just remind me what they will grow into.
So YES, this is giving me immense sadistic pleasure..n I'd like to say to the kitten(s) "Ab bhugto" :P

Rohini said...

Spooky tale for cables interests me.. (evil smile).. forgiveness is requested for the long intervals.. college had left me breathless and brain dead.. :/

Anonymous said...

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Eyes-speak said...

I had read this a long time back from my mobile and couldn't comment then.I have remembered it every time I take out my headphones from my bag and have told the same incident to atleast 10 of my friends whenever I see them struggling with de-tangling the wires...
Such an enjoyable post..:)

phatichar said...


Keirthana, heheh..yeah but you know what, 'wireless' is another post altogether. No, seriously :P

Aditi, bichare? You haven't seen this guys. And guess what, from the time I posted this, there's a fresh litter on the roof-top. There's a whole colony of kittens. God, help me. :)

ET, Kidhar ho, junior? Gaayab..?

Rohini, that's ok, I'm pretty erratic here as well. Hope things are going well though, for you, hmm?

Eyes-speak, :) Thank you.