Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How am I driving?

So, I make a mental note of this phone number and call.

After a few rings …


‘Yes, took this number from the back of a cab. Your guy is driving rashly. Could you connect me to someone I could report this to?’


I’m connected to another number.


What the hell is the noise in the background?

‘Hello, yeah..this guy, he’s driving rashly. His number plate… (I give the number)’.

‘I’m the driver.’


‘Why’d they connect me to you? And why're you driving like a maniac?’

‘Ok, sorry.’

Line disconnected.



Me said...


KK said...

Not only he drives rashly, he also attends phone calls while driving.

I think driving is like anything else, everyone thinks they are doing it at a better-than-average level. Too damn bad :-)

Soumya said...

What did you actually think? That the number would connect you to a police station?

This is India, Sri. Sometimes these numbers connect you to the mental asylum instead.

Visha said...

The driver said Sorry?? That is more shocking :D

PeeVee™ said...


Kanthu said...

This is correct only no?? Instead of you complaining to some person and then him calling the driver and asking him to drive properly, you get to call the driver directly. This is called Real-time complaining. :P :D

phatichar said...

Me - :D :D

KK - Ha ha..yeah, but I was just testing these guys out, and I must say I got more than I bargained for..

Soumya - :P Police station?? That's a laughable stretch, to say the least. Of course I know how this whole thing works, I think I've been around a whole lot longer. And I've seen worst, but I'd never done this particular thing before and wanted to see what happens. Hehe..

Visha - LOL..my thoughts precisely :)

Kanthu - Correct pa..correct (nods head)

PeeVee - I don't see your comment here, but I got it...and might I add, that's exactly the reaction I was hoping to elicit :P

Dwiti said...

For a second I thought you are back to flash fiction :)

cmus said...


Renu said...

Lol:)..it happens in India:)

Roohani said...

Just 'Ok, Sorry' nothing else? Funny. But incidents that can happen in India.

the little princess said...

the guy must have had the last laugh!! maybe he's still grinning!

Keirthana said...

So much for wanting to report something and make a change huh? No hope!

Until later,
Keirthana :)

Sweety said...

Hahahaha.... i feel sorry for u.. :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha :D did this happen seriously?

Erratic Thoughts said...

:D Oh man! Is that right?!
Sri, what did you feel when he said "I'm the driver"? No seriously, I am just curious :D
Did you hear your own voice on the phone in background? :D
On a serious note, ah, um, sorry I just can’t stop grinning to become serious… he he

phatichar said...

Dwiti: Well, though not fiction, it sure got over in a flash

cmus: Well said! Kind of mirrored my thoughts back then ;-)

Renu: You forgot the word 'only' :P :D - welcome here, btw

Roohani: Hello, welcome ji. Well, 'ok, sorry' could've easily been replaced with 'get lost' - such was the inherent tone so I guess he didn't much to say after that :)

princess: Oh, I laughed as well. You see, having been in this country for so long now, I"ve learned to, as they say - 'laugh it off' :D

Keirthana: The exercise was more out of curiosity than actually hoping to get a positive response, so..I was suitably entertained. :P

Sweety: No, no..please don't - I was amused, to say the least

goingbeyondthepages: I'm afraid nobody took it seriously, so in that sense..no, didn't happen seriously :P :D

ET: Like I said, nothing serious..err personal about it :D haha. You may grin as much as you like. :)

Blue Lotus said...

Hehehehe..That was funny..Loved it.

P:S: If you found out how to block those spam comments let me know too..

phatichar said...

Blue Lotus, what a pleasant surprise! Long time huh? Thanks... :) Well, honestly, from what I've experienced - word verification seems to be the only sure shot thing that worked for me here on Blogger. But sadly, not many like that :( and I end up spending more time explaining why I put it up. Not everybody understands. It's understandable. We live life on the fast lane and don't wish to wait for anything - even posting comments. :)

So I took it off, and try and delete the spam manually whenever I find time. That's about it. But yeah, the menace is increasing every day. :(

Tongue-fu Lady said...

wha..?? damn your cliff hangers :)

Aditi Ray said...

whaaaa! hahahaha.. if I were u..I'd call them back and give him an earful fr talking on the phn while driving rash! :P :D

phatichar said...

TFL: LOL @ cliffhanger :P

Aditi: He he..yeah, you could try that