Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ctrl Z...? (redux)

Guru turned the car onto the main road and checked the rear view mirror. No trail. The cops would be left groping in the dark, as usual. He smiled and continued driving.

The drizzle had now turned to a steady downpour. The road was dark, illuminated only by the head-lights. There was no power in the area he was passing by, he could tell.

He turned from the main road, and would've missed it had his eyes not caught the car from the corner of his headlights. Probably skidded off the road before nose-diving into the canal. As he pulled over, he saw some movement inside the car. He looked around, squinting his eyes through the fat rain drops blinding him. The road was deserted. Should he, shouldn't he? He thought about the contract he'd taken on the builder. He had to do it tonight. Oh, what the heck, one good deed for a sin - He parked a little further and got out. Drenched, he slowly got to the side of the car and wiped the water from the window. He could see it was a woman, still breathing. The door was jammed. He quickly found a rock and broke the rear window, not wanting to hurt the driver.

"Hello..? Can you hear me?" He shook the woman's shoulder. She groaned in pain.

Aside from that, no response. Was she sinking? Without wasting another moment, he reached in and caught hold of her shoulder, pulling her toward him. She groaned in pain and the car jerked to a side, the rear wheels threatening to pull the car completely in. Steadying himself, he pulled her slowly until she was away from the wheel. And then, he heaved her out. The sudden shifts and movement had rendered the car imbalanced and it fell further into the canal with a huge metallic thud, muted in the rain.

An hour and a half later, he drove out of the hospital compound wordlessly. He'd paid for her treatment. Doctors said she would pull through. He felt strange when he turned to the main road once again. He looked at his watch. He still had an hour to do his job.


Dinesh pulled out the wad of notes from the drawer and out-stretched his hand toward Guru.

"You know Guru, I was after this guy for the last one month, but somehow he always smelled it out in advance, the little rat. You did what the others couldn't. Here...your 6 lakhs, as promised."

"Leave it, Dinesh bhai. I don't want the money this time."

Dinesh chuckled and looked at his cronies, not believing his ears. He then turned to Guru. "What happened? I thought you killed only for money."

Guru just shook his head and left. He walked out into the sunlight, his back aching. He walked to the lakeside and sat down on the bench, watching the ducks. The calm lake should've soothed his nerves. Instead he felt sick. Sick all over. Sick from head to toe.

His mind kept going back to the builder. He had caught him in his living room. It looked like he was about to leave home. Guru was quick, as usual. And then as he pointed his muffled gun at the man's head and pumped in two quick shots, point blank, he saw a picture on the shelf. He stepped closer to get a better look. He looked down at the builder he'd just bumped. And back at the picture, shining his cell phone's flash light. It was the builder and his wife.

The woman he saved that same night.



Tarang Sinha said...

Interesting and engrossing read! I like the way you manage to hold the suspense, making your stories unpredictable...

Mirage said...

This was heart wrenching!

I expected some horror drama but you wrote an even better twist. Brilliant, as always!

phatichar said...

Tarang: Thank you! :)

Mirage: Thank you, V.. :)

Soumya said...

This was one of your best endings! Simply awesome :)

phatichar said...

Soumya: Thank you! :)

the little princess said...

kehte hai....maarne wale se bachane wala bada hota hai...par jab dono same ho toh....?? :) :P

super story!

Wings of Harmony said...

Oh Jesus!! That was so good!!! :D Wonderful visualization for this one! :D

phatichar said...

Princess: :) Thanks..

WOH: Thank you, glad you liked it.. :)

Jyotsna Bhatia said...

Wow.. I liked the way you built it.. The ending was just amazing..

Privy Trifles said...

Whoa... that was superb!

Kanthu said...

Feels the same every single time. :-)

A said...

What a brilliant twist! Never saw that one coming :)

phatichar said...

Jyotsna, Privy, Kanthu & A: Thank you :)