Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In the real world

I've been struggling with an idea the past few days; ok..I've been struggling with a lot of ideas these days, but this one was different. It was a story I wanted to post here and I've been worrying sick trying to get it down correctly.

No, it's not horror. And that's exactly my point. There was a time when I'd churn non-horror/non-crime stories with nary a care, and without much thought either. The ideas just flowed. But now.. it's different. And I feel a tad sorry for them. Guilty even (just about).

Some of you've read these stories of mine, liked it, preferred horror, and then some. So here's what I'm gonna do. I know how painful it is to dig archives, especially when you don't know what you're looking for. So here I'm inserting links to some of these old ones. And while you guys read, I'll try and come up with a new one.

I hope.

Gale Mein Khich Khich


Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
(This one's been repeated twice, in fact. How vain can one get?  But hey, I made an important change in the ending. So there.)

Do let me know what you feel about these.



Privy Trifles said...

I loved each one of them <3

B said...

:) yes sir , will visit for sure .. old is always gold ..


PeeV ee said...

First one was rofl :P Second one creeped me out just a little bit and the third is oh so cute :)

Revacious said...

phatichar, these were so awesome and vivid! very fit to be adapted to the big/small screen ;)

Anonymous said...

The gale mein khich khich one really got me. I thought now something or someone will pounce from the dark. Hilarious....mazaa aa gaya.

And I think you triumph in this type of story telling too, not just horror :)

Nisha said...

Some ringtones are indeed creepy!

phatichar said...

Privy: :) :) Thank you!

B: Definitely do, sir :)

PV: :P hehe.. thx.

Revacious: Thank you so much! Yeah, never really thought from that POV.. who knows, maybe another collection. Hmm? :)

GBTP: You know J, there are certain words that make a simple task seem like a huge accomplishment. 'Triumph' did just that; thank you so much. It's a real booster. :)

Nisha: Heylloo.. long time! Oh, you bet they are. Especially the 'laughing' ones.. Welcome back. :)

Kanthu said...

Such fun all three stories were. :-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Well, I certainly did not read them before...But they are just as good as your creepy ones...Last one was my fav :):)