Friday, February 20, 2015


She'd seen a video on YouTube and decided to try it. She gathered all the materials and got to work. An hour later she had a 'scar' running the length of her right cheek. She stifled a laugh as she imagined her poor kid sister's reaction. An April Fool's day to remember.

She tiptoed to their bedroom. Her sister was turned the other side, her blanket covered right till her ears. She switched on the bedside lamp and slowly crept into the bed. She leaned over and nudged her sister's shoulder.

'Siri.. Siri..'

'Hmm,' her sister said sleepily.

'Wake up,' she whispered.

'What's it, Meetu?' said Siri, obviously irritated.

'Wake up, na.. turn.'

Siri turned. Took her a second as her eyes widened.

'Wha..what on earth..'

Meetu feigned pain. 'Please don't tell mamma..'

'But, how.. how did it happen? What did you do?'

Meetu winced and said, 'it's a long story.'

Siri was wide awake now. She leapt out of bed to get the first aid box.

She came back, sat in front of Meetu who was trying hard not to laugh. She rummaged through the box. 'You're crazy..'

Meetu felt something on her cheek just then. She raised her hand to make sure the make-up didn't fall off. Oddly, her right cheek seemed perfectly normal.

She stood up quickly as a puzzled Siri looked on, and went over to the mirror.

The scar was on her left cheek, and a trickle of blood oozed out. And it hurt like mad.

She screamed.



Bikram said...

Ah ha look who is back with a nice
little switching story :)

Good one SIr


Red Handed said...

Damn!!!!! This was too goooood!!!!

Tarang Sinha said...

Good one! The famous touch of unpredictability :)

phatichar said...

Thank you guys.. just trying to limp back into the blog. :)

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

This was really good ! And so short !

phatichar said...

Thanks Anita :)

Nirav Parekh said...

Switching from books to digital?
Welcome back?

the little princess said...

ouch...! hmm..never play pranks... especially on April fool's day...!no wait, on second thoughts, be careful what you do on April fool's day, they might just come true!! :) :P

aks said...

i have seen that video and had recommended it to a friend for Halloween who refused to do anything to her face for the same reason ;) !

Ankita said...

whoa!Short and scary! :)

Dwiti said...

Haha... Short and Spooky....
Welcome back..

Sreesha Divakaran said...