Tuesday, March 01, 2005

life, or something like that

Fewer things in life are more comforting than your child's warm smile after a hard day at work. You forget all the headaches and tension the entire day had given you. Walking through the front door as I take my shoes off, my li'l one peeks from behind the door, covers her eyes, playing 'koo' and then shoots to my open arm.
Just thinking about her refreshes me. Ah, bliss!
In the movie 'good will hunting', Robin Williams as the psychology prof tells matt dammon that our little imperfections are the ones that make us special to our loved ones. They are something that only we know and cherish. And that's so true.


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Anonymous said...

Our little imperfections make us dear to our loved ones, but i think, familiarity breeds contempt and then when we become too familiar to the so called loved ones these are the imperfections that they cannot stand.

(P.S. I started reading your blog from bottom up, I might get a peek into what went into the making of this author! Reading this blog has become like my daily dose of 10 minute relaxation after that volley of patients in the clinic!)

phatichar said...

You're embarrassing me now :P