Thursday, March 24, 2005

Radio rodeo

I know it's no big deal, but when it happens, it irks me no end. I take out my teeny-weeny FM player, plug the earphones to my ears and am all set, when the person sitting next to me, fishes out a mobile phone and goes 'yak, yak, yak,yak...' as though the conversation was happening in person and they had all the time in the world to decide on the color of the curtains being discussed or whether or not they should meet at the Forum or some other mall in the city to continue their conversation. Hmpf! Meanwhile, the FM guys have been benevolent enough to play that nice number I wait for once in a bluemoon between all those stupid ads (these days, FM is more an advertising station than a music station)...aaaand...'crackle, crackle, hmmmmmm...krrrr...' goes my player, like an irritation mosquito hovering around my ears. The waves from the mobile phone wrestle with its waves, making me wince in between like a referee of the WWF..
Next time somebody brings out an FM player, I must remember to call my friend in Mumbai. Haven't spoken to him in a while and have lots to catch up.


Anonymous said...

See? eleven years ago, the mobile phone was an irritation to you and now I bet even you cannot do without it! I am kind of enjoying this date with your past self!

phatichar said...