Monday, June 06, 2005

Cover to cover

Ok, back from a loooong weekend. Phew, quite long, thursday on... :) But anyway, my daughter held her own in school, she being the most enthusiastic about it. It felt good. Thanks guys, for the moral support.

Aaand..Ash has tagged me and that's when I realized how bad my reading habits've gotten. I know, I know, you cannot possibly have any kind of excuse for a depleting book collection..not even marriage and familial responsibilities, after all reading is second nature; reading is something that comes out of passion. But sadly, that part of me has slowly taken the back-bench. Sad. There was a time when I used to devor books like idlis..

Anyway, here goes - I don't say this is a perfect projection of the 'book' side of me, but nonetheless...

Total books I own:
Approximately 100...

Last book I bought:
Chicken Soup for the writer's soul

Last book I read:
Shrink Rap

Five books that mean a lot to me:
The millionaire's secrets
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Inventing Desire
Sherlock holmes (The complete collection)
Chicken Soup for the Writer's soul

A book that’s on its way out of your house as you write this:
Big, Bad City by Ed McBain

Ok, Ash, I've done my bit... :)


shub said...

nic taht aayushi (correct?) is already gung-ho bout school:)

KJ said...

good to know that aayushi held her own in school.
books .... hmmmm i used to have around 350 books till 1998, till i got married & came here in UAE. no place to keep the books here said my hubby as we were living in sharing apt with some1 else. so with a heavy heart, i donated my books to the local library & still i regret it. but there was no other choice. planning to restart my collection again...


phatichar said...

shub: Yeah, Aayushi it is.. thanx.. :)

KJ: Better late than never ever again.. hmm? :) All the best.

sanguine said...

hey congrats on ayushi's first day at school ..
now it will be college b4 you know. :D

Ash said...

Hey there Ramana, how're you doing ?

Thanks for enthusuastically responding to the tag :)
The Zen book if one of my faves !

phatichar said...

sanguine: thanx, I'm actually trying not to think about that day... :)

ash: you're welcome...yeah, i feel connected to robert, cuz he too was a tech writer.. :)