Tuesday, August 23, 2005

'Aao twist karein'

Someone asked me the other day, 'hey, why are there only murders and deaths in your stories?' That got me thinking. Though my answer to that question was 'err...uhh...um..dunno', I asked that question to myself. Indeed, why do I write morbid stories? Certainly not for the attention. Stories, especially on my blog, which has a select audience, will be read anyway, good or bad. And honestly, I'm nothing like any of my characters in real life. Am the usual everyman kinda guy leading a normal life. So why? Well, maybe the 'twist' is what sets my mind thinking. When I look at people around me, hear them talk, watch them go about doing their bit, I always think, 'what if that happens now? What if..?" And it's this 'what if' of life is what gets my pulse racing and the next moment it's there on paper, errr...on my screen, in the form of a story. I guess now it's become my style to twist the stories in the end. And I prefer a morbid twist. Of course, a romantic story can have a twist as well; a sad story, a funny story...any story can have a twist. But maybe I've just not thought about it. Maybe I should. Maybe I will. I will write the lighter side of twists.

This time round, kill someone with a lighter... perhaps. Hehehehe (diabolical chuckle).


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yeah, it is only the non-normal things that make headlines, not the normal ones. So I will be expecting more twists and turns from your tales. Your stories are good, Phatichar... keep them coming!

KJ said...

ur stories r brilliant n we love the twists. so not to worry, continue with ur twisted stories!!!!
howz aayushi?


phatichar said...

sudipta & kj: hey thanx guys....am sure the stories will continue comin'.. :)

kj: aayu's good, upto her usual naughty self i must say

Parna said...

hmm..now that you tell us, why did i not wonder that you 'might' actually be one of the characters of your story :) never crossed my mind.

and kill a person with a lighter? please! i just got a new one :|

HB Pencil said...

I love Roald Dahl-like morbid twists to the end of a story.

phatichar said...

parna: hehehe...yeah, i might just be. Maybe it's hidden inside of me somewhere..

hb: hey, long time..yeah, morbid twists give it that much needed tang, eh?