Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No comments

Finally did it. Made Anu read all my stories. And this is what she had to say - "hmmm, nice...but your stories are like somebody wearing the trousers first, then underwear, then shoes, then the shirt, and then finally...the socks." She also compared my shorties to a college student hurriedly making notes in class to be elaborated at home (which the student rarely does). Interesting analogies, but given the fact that she doesn't much prefer spooky stuff, and she's not a frequent browser; doesnt have a blog, doesn't want to have one; she was patient enough to go through every single one of 'em and critique 'em. You know, she's been my worst critic, and I say this at the cost of sounding cliched, but that's how it's always been. Her critiques pack more punch than my stories and every once a while, I lug them to her. Helps for some creative defragmentation.

Her parting shot? "I like the comments on your blog better than your stories".


Ash said...

Ouch !


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

ALL your stories?? Wow! I guess she must be scared of the next person she meets at night. But the comments are better than the posts?? :))

I know why ;)

Prerona said...


d4u said...

Hehehe...lol!! :) clap clap 2 each of us then;)

Anonymous said...

heehee...i like her already;o) she almost as wikkkid as u are, ramana! hows aayushi?]

GratisGab said...

Thanks Anu :)

This guy, he writes okay though na? Let's have some views from you too...time to start your own blog!

phatichar said...

Ash: u can say that again.. :)

Sudipta: forget the next person, she says she's a li'l scared of me now, doesn't know wht's cooking in that weird mind 'o' mine..

Prerona: :)

d4u: yeah..clap clap

shub: :), aayu's fine shub, howz you?

gabby: :) yeah...tell her that. She's a woman of few words, especially the written ones..

J said...

hehe... i wud love it if she visited my blog and gave me some contructive crtisism :D

phatichar said...

j: will tell that to her.. 'k? :)