Thursday, December 01, 2005

Short story long...

Drat, I don't seem to be able to post anything aside from stories. Or maybe I'm just getting plain old and have nothing to contribute to the effervescent blogworld. I remember I started blogging at the behest of a friend/colleague two and a half years ago. It's funny 'cause I remember being very reluctant to enter this world.

"An online diary? Whatever for?"

"Well, it's a great way to vent your thoughts, feelings etc. And you may try penning down those weird stories of yours there instead of feeding on my brains" was the answer my friend had for me.

"And how do I get into this...weblog, or blog, or whatever it is that you call it?"

"Simple. I'll give you a link. Just go there, sign up and that's it."

"That's it?"

"Yeah. You just open your diary each day and type away."


"There's nothing much to it actually. Well, there are other ways to customize it the way you want it to look. But that's a long way. Start by just writing something."

So there it was. Got an account with blurty and started 'typing away'. I found it a little odd initially. A diary is something very private, something very close to one's heart. But here, it was diferent. Here it was like, you enter a stage, do your mono act and then wait for the audience to critique you on the spot. Or you don't, if you didn't want others to read it. I said to myself - awww, what's the fun if others can't read what you have to say. And hey, it'll be good fun to exchange thoughts and ideas, read other writers. So there I went, not looking back since then.
In between, I even shifted to rediffblogs once...but eventually returned to Blurty. And stayed there until recently when I shifted once again to blogspot. It's like you change drama companies on the move.

Going by most of my co-bloggers, I felt I was a tad old to be in the crowd. And then slowly I blended in. And it's been great fun. And I get to flick some of my own posts from blurty and paste 'em here whenever I want to repeat myself. Cool, huh?

Drat, I just posted something other than a story. :)


Prerona said...

reminds me of my constant struggle to put up only non personal posts - or rather be personal w/o being too revealing ... much as in real life. hard for me cz i'm a very blurt-it-all-out in one out of breath rush types :( anyway, is this a new aim - to put up only stories?

Prerona said...
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Parna said...

but we like your stories :) and the non-stories too. so, keep them coming.

phatichar said...

pre: i totally at the 'blurt-it-all...' description :)

No, there's no such aim as such..I was taking a dig at myself..i keep doing that time and again..

parna: :) yes ma'am.

Arunima said...

yes, you just did :-)

phatichar said...

arunima: :)

KJ said...

i was hoping that there wud b a twist to this one as well...

u have got us addicted.



phatichar said...

kj: :)

The Smiling Girl said...

I had the same feeling too when I read my husband\'s (then he was just someone I met for marriage) blog. I was thinking- what kind of a weird idea it is to write your thoughts online..

Slowly I got used to the idea of blogging and started my own blog around 3 months back.. But now.. I enjoy the pure pleasure of writing.. writing anything I want without worrying about what others have to think...:).. I understood the pleasure of blogging and its getting addictive too..

And when we are addiction, let me tell you that even I got addicted to ur kahani-ke-end-mein-twist...:)

And Ramana (I figured out ur name from one of the comments..:)), you are as old as you think you are... and if you think young at heart, you are always young.. Look at me.. I always think that I am 5 years old.. Hehe...:)... though I am 20 years older than that...:)

Enjoy madi sir...:)