Thursday, June 08, 2006

A rose is a rose...

The_hitman: Hi, gorgeous!

Rose: Hi

The_hitman: asl?

Rose: You first

The_hitman: male, 35 years

Rose: Oh..

The_hitman: Why? Am I too old for you? *wink*

Rose:, nothing. forget it.

Rose: So...what do you hit?

The_hitman: Excuse me?

Rose: Your user name...

The_hitman: oh that! :)) Yeah, I am a hitman

Rose: What is that?

The_hitman: You don't know?

Rose: Why would I ask?

The_hitman: Be prepared, you might get scared. But you should not...

Rose: Tell me first.

The_hitman: I do contract killings...

A beat

The_hitman: I told you you'd be scared.

Rose: No

The_hitman: Really?

Rose: Yeah.

The_hitman: wow, I like courageous women.

Rose: lol

A week later...

The_hitman: So, how's it like being in a travel agency?

Rose: Better than being a killer (if you are one, that is) :)

The_hitman: Lol.You know what, you are a nice girl, I'd like to meet you.

Rose: And kill me? ;)

The_hitman: Come on, be serious. Can we meet?

Rose: That depends...

The_hitman: Depends on?

Rose: On one condition. You should tell me all about your profession. I want to know more.

The_hitman: Forget it, it's not for women like you.

Rose: Look, if you want me to meet a hitman, I might as well know more about his profession, no?

The_hitman: Hmm, you have a point. Ok...

The next evening, this time face to face...

Rose (sipping coffee): You don't look like a hitman. (Giggles)

The_hitman: Well, you do look every bit like a travel agency executive.They smile. An hour later, they're walking down the road, feeling the gentle evening breeze on their faces.

"So what are you really?"


"Come on, I know when I see men. You cannot be a hitman."

"Is it written on a hitman's face that he's a hitman?" He laughs.She laughs, but is serious the next moment. "Tell me".

He watches the traffic silently for a minute and sighs."Ok, I might as well tell the truth, why fib? I'm a builder."

"You could've told me that straight away, the other day."

"Yeah, I know, I should have."

They walk and talk for another half hour and walk back to the parking lot inside the empty compound. It's late in the night now.

"So being a builder is equally dangerous, hmm?"

He smiles. "It is. But we have to take our risks. It's a part of the job."

She smiles and nods in agreement.

"Do we get to meet again?" Mr builder asks.

Rose smiles. "I don't think so."

"Why?" He puts on his best smile.She doesn't answer him. She gets on her bike.

He looks at it for a moment, unsure. "Hmmm, that's quite a ride for a travel agency executive."

"How can you be so sure I'm an executive?" She smiles mysteriously now. In fact he's a little uncomfortable with that smile.

"Yeah, told me..." He smiles, but barely...


The little pea sized hole in his forehead looks like a third eye, written by a cartoonist. Now, which cartoon character had those eyes, she wonders. Ah, Tintin, she smiles. She looks around and then down at his startled half-smiling face, the trickle of blood from his forehead slowly reddening his teeth.

"Am so sorry we cannot meet again. You were kind of cute. But you know what, I have to take my risks too.That's a part of my job."

She sighs, and kickstarts the bike to life.



KJ said...

me first!!!

glad to see u back in form again...

hugs n kisses to aayu

regards to anu n u


d4u said...

Interesting way of storytelling indeed:)!! Was hearing the chat room terms like "asl" etc after long:p

shub said...

hehehe really nice one :D

phatichar said...

K: yeah... :) Anu 'n' Aayu both are's begun. How're kumar and di? My love to them as well.

deeps: :) yeah...asl almost seems alien now, doesn't it?

shub: namaskaramma...thx..hegidira? How's Singapura treating the young lady?

Jax said...


The Smiling Girl said...

Hey, I remember reading this story in one of ur archives and also commenting to it.. correct me if I am wrong!
So whts up?:)

Demi Goddezz said...


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

:Echo: smiling_girl

I seem to have read this one in one of your archives before... but a nice re-read anyway. Good to see you back in form :)

phatichar said...

salsette: :) thx...and welcome..

smiles: yep, it is indeed from my archives, albeit a wee bit modified. No, don't remember seeing your comment on it *puzzled look*. :)

goddess: :) thx dear...

sudipta: yeah, reason was, i read it again and felt it could do with slight modifications..and then put it up here again since there weren't many readers for it when I originally wrote it (looks like i was wrong) :) And moreover, I used it to inspire me to get back to my favorite genre of storytelling. :)

manuscrypts said... where hitting on the wrong people gets you...

phatichar said...

manu: :)lol

The Smiling Girl said...

Ok.. then I must\'ve forgotten to comment..:)
But I sure do see the modifications.. This is as I said a good story!:)

phatichar said...

smiles: tht's ok, PV...I was just pulling your legs.. :)

Anonymous said...

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