Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Call me if you can...

This was the time when there were no cell-phones, way back in college. A phone conversation between my friend D and a wrong caller. Incidentally he used to get so many wrong numbers, he decided to spend some quality time with the poor guys lest they felt their calls were wasted.


"Hello. Ajit Timbers?"

"Tell me."

"The load hasn't come yet."

Puzzled expression. "But I sent it tomorrow?"


"yes. And tomorrow's load I'm sending it yesterday."

"Wha...? Who is speaking?"


" D? Which D?"

"Which D? This D. There's no other D. "

Line goes dead.


And this one, the day D wanted to know if it was a holiday in the college due to a strike. Those days, engineering colleges resumed after an hour or so after the strike. He was in no mood to go to college, so he decided to do some good to his class-mates as well.

"Hello, NIE college?"


"Put me on to Muthuswamy."

"Sorry, sir he's not coming today. There's a strike."

"He's the principal and he's not coming today? what kind of a principal is he?"

"Uh...sorry sir, I didn't get your name."

"I'm Inspector Puttuswamy here."

"Oh, good morning sir." I'm sure the guy stood up, whoever he was.

"Have my men come there?"

"Yes sir. The constables are here. We're not allowing any student inside."

"You have declared a holiday haven't you?"

"Yes sir. half day."

"NO, no...give a full day off. I got a tip that there'll be trouble."

"Ok sir."

"Good. I'll be there in a half hour. And please call Mr. Muthu also to come and meet me."

"Ok sir. Thank you sir."

"Thank you? What for?"

I wonder if the writer of Hera-Pheri consulted with D...


Prerona said...


d4u said...

:p :)

starry nights said...

Thats a cute post, I know sometimes wrong numbers come in and the other person does not even stop to ask who the other person is on the other side and just starts talking. Thanks for visiting my blog and stop by again.

Ash said...

Haha, this D sounds like an entertaining chap !

phatichar said...

pre: :) :)

deeps: heehe..

starry nights: hey there, welcome :). Thanx..yeah sometimes all the wrong caller needs to do is, inquire about the number, name and then proceed. OR...he/she could always get entertained by my friend, who it seems is no longer in the business of telephonic comedy (latest report by his wife) :))

ash: he sure ought to meet him to believe him..

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehe... this is really funny...:)

phatichar said...

smiles: :)

manuscrypts said...

D's company should be interesting :)

phatichar said...

manu: trust me, it is... :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Awesome! This really is the Hera Pheri business... happens more often in the office due to similar email ids. And the fun is doubled there! :)

phatichar said...

sudipta; :)