Wednesday, October 11, 2006

lamba safar



Introduced to movies

Loved the 'Dishum Dishum'

Watched 'Khoon Pasina'

Life changed

Bell-bottoms a must (Even to school! My mom had nightmares those days, trying to dissuade me).

Parted hair in the middle (Looked stupid on my curly head, but what the hell)

Imitated the deep dialogue delivery

Had a folder full of his pictures

Hoped to grow as tall...Never did..Doesn't matter


Other movies. Hollywood. Many favorites. But he's still closest to the heart.

Discovered that my birthday falls 3 days after his!! (That's like discovering nirvana. That's like family. That's connection).

Working life.

Dream of making a movie with him in it.

The awe hasn't diminished much (though not as strong)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bachchan. You're still tops.


Harsha said...

GOLD and now to read :)

Harsha said...

My first ever film happens to be Shahenshah. And what a movie that was. wow!!!

And I still cant get over Agneepath.... the way in which he says "Vijay Dinanath Chauhan....pura naam....Dinanath Chauhan....baap ka naam......" and each sentence that ends with "hai"

Yeh saala telefoon bhi ajeeb cheez hai....aadmi sala bolta kuch hai, sochta kuch hai, karta kuch hai....hai

phatichar said...

harsha: and don't ever forget the world famous 'agar apni maa ka doodh piya ho to aa jao saamne' :) (we could go on like this, in fact)

Harsha said...

"aadmi itna tez do-ich time zindagi mein aisa bhagta hai..... olympic ka race ho ya police ka case ho" Amar Akbar Anthony

Prerona said...


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

All right... Happy Birthday in advance! :)

Vin said...

AB will be the top. currently, no one in the industry can really match him.

And glad ur Discoverd ur B'day :-)

Happy Bday in advance!!

Perspective Inc. said...


The Smiling Girl said...

Happy Advanced Birthday to you.. :)
Guess its tomm, right? :)

KJ said...

Happy Birthday, Ramanaa...


Di was telling on Big B's birthday "Uncle Kaare naina's birthday" :)

hope u have a fantastic day.



Harsha said...

Happy Bday buddy. You can take your gift from my blog. :)

phatichar said...

Pre: :)

Sudipta: thanx babu moshai :)

Vin: thanx.. :)

Smiles: thanx..yeah..actually am replying today, i.e., the correct day :)

KJ; thanx, K.. :) Take care..

Harsha; wonderful gift. Thanx,friend.. :)

Gubbacchi said...

Happy Birthday to you from little gubbacchi :)

dharmu said...

many happy returns of the day!

was directed here from Harsha's blog where he wrote a story for you. looks like ill be hooked to your blog for a long time.

"ek ek post ko chun chun ke padungi"
*in dharampaji style*

phatichar said...

gubbacchi: welcome..and thanks.. :)

dharmu: :)'re welcome to drop by anytime..