Monday, October 16, 2006

Love at second sight...

He first saw her in the elevator. It was love at first sight. But there was something about her face...he'd seen her before, that's for sure. Only he couldn't tell.

Well, like all love stories, luckily for him, turned out she was attracted to him as well. And so it all began with a first 'hi' and subsequent meetings in the elevator, amidst the other people. And then the first date happened.


He pulled the chair for her. Why did all restaurants play Kenny G? He would've preferred something livelier. But what the hell, he wasn't here to listen to music, anyways.

"Nice place..." He started.

"Come on Avinash. That's such a cliched line. Your first date, right?"

He felt like an idiot, but smiled.

"Chalo, it's ok. Actually it is". She smiled. Ah, that smile. That face.

"You know what, Disha...I've been wanting to tell you this."

She waited.

"You know, you remind me so much of someone..."


"Don't laugh, ok?"

she laughed. He frowned mockingly.

She patted his hand. "It's ok. Tell me."

"I had this crush on my 6th standard teacher."

She didn't laugh. Good..

"You remind me so much of her..."

"What was she like?"

"Well, she taught us science. Pretty strict actually. But I was smitten by her."

"Yeah?" She laughed.

"Actually..I'd even sent her a card. Anonymous of course.."

"What? Proclaiming your undying love or something..?" Some more laughter.

" promised."

"Ok, ok.."

"I was her favorite student, though. I always scored well in her subject, because I didn't want her to be upset for me."

"That's so sweet. What was her name?"


"And which school was this?"

"St. Anthony's. Why?"

"So..did you ever go tell her it was you who sent her the card?"

"Oh boy. Didn't want to die. No. Never."

She smiled again.

"She had a typical smile..her lips curled like..donno. You have a similar smile."

"You should've told her about your love."

He didn't know what to say. He shrugged.

"Ok, am just kidding." She smiled that smile...

"But there's some consolation for you.."

"What do you mean?"

"You can always proclaim your love to her daughter."

"Wha..?" His jaw dropped.

She laughed that all too familiar laugh again. With a twinkle in her eye, this time.

"Meera's my mother, stupid."

He couldn't believe his ears.

"Meera Sachdev. St. Anthony's. Right?"

He mutely nodded, not knowing what to say.

"And know what? You can tell her too. She won't mind. After all, she still has that card of yours. she still talks about it. Tell her in person. She'll be happy. And..this time you might even get a 'yes'. For her daughter, of course."

She reached out and took his hand. They laughed. He still couldn't believe his ears.



Harsha said...

lol here....good one :)

itchingtowrite said...

first time on your blog. am readin thru all of them. very nice. found this thru harsha...

Yashita said...


enigma said...

There is a proverb that says
"He that would the daughter win,
Must with the mother first begin"

This story gives a somewhat different interpretation to that proverb :)

Prerona said...

sweet :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Lovely, plain lovely.

This one touches new heights, phatichar... and yeah I am honest. Somehow a nice flow from the heart comes across: without too many twists and complications, and happy endings always bring a smile to our faces.

Keep 'em coming!

phatichar said...

Harsha: thanx.. :)

itchingtowrite: welcome aboard.. :)

Yashita: hi..welcome...thanx..and keep dropping by

enigma: now that you mentioned it..hmmm, seems like. :)
10:01 AM

Prerona: hey..thx dear..whr've u been? been leaving u's the studying comin' up?

Sudipta: Must thank "Smiles" for it..she's the inspiration for it. I guess, as a writer, you got to explore all the emotions of the human heart. Who knows, another angle, another emotion next time..hmm? thx for the encouraging words, babu moshai.

Vin said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet one !!
But I cud guess the end this time :-)....
Keep penning more!!

phatichar said...

vin: stories are not always about twisted ends!! :) just kidding..thanx..

Vin said...

it is a sweet story!!
but my mind is kinda tuned to ur stories with an unexpected end. When i started reading it, i expected such an ending.. :-))

phatichar said...

vin; awwww..tht's ok.. :) glad you liked it..

SilenceKilled said...

My god....
So simple, yet so interesting......
Nice Change....

manuscrypts said...

you're growing old... its a mushy love story.. :p.. but a good one nevertheless :)

phatichar said...

silence; thanx.. :)

manu: :) yeah..tht's a fact can't run away from, huh? but i can't stay away long..the crime/horror will return've you been?

Gubbacchi said...

I could able to guess it before :) but still it is very nice one :)

KJ said...

cho chweeettt...

not like your usual "story with a twist", but loved it....



Ashish said...

A sweet story, a bit senti. And certainly the end is a bit forward for a first date (especially in India)

phatichar said...

gubbachchi: :) thnx..

K: thanx..and hey, thanx for the lovely card :)

ashish: :) thans drop in anytime..

Strider said...

first time on your blog..
second story of yours (read the hitman one first thanks to harsha)

will dig ur archives for more!! :D

daysleeper said...

boy! it's like a transferred oedipus complex :)

Basanti said...

Haha! Guessed it midway! :D

Good good.. lemme go and read hte rest of your stories! :)

Di said...

o my god!!lol...just happened to pass by..gud one :)

phatichar said...

Strider: thanx.. :) keep coming back

daysleeper: lol..couldn't have said it better...

Basanti; good for u..

Di; happened to pass by your blog too...very humorous I must say - Keep 'em coming. And you keep coming here as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey .. that was a short & nice one.
Have been going thru a few of ur stories ... they are all good. actually some of them are fantastic.
Thanks. Will keep coming back for more.


Sachin R K said...

This one I actually guessed the ending :)))

Priya Iyer said...

oh, wow! you are amazing, man! :)

phatichar said...

P: Oh, come one now.. ;)

Mampi said...

Reminds me of WB Yeats

Reflections said...

Read almost all from the latest till here.
I liked this one the best...though I have to admit like countless others did, that u have a way with words:-)

Menachery said...

What a small world.. i wonder if my 'cute Profeesor ' has a son :P ... lmao .. but awesome, loved the way the semblance has been so beautifully etched in his mind :)

the little princess said...

thats a cute love story...!!! i was actually wondering if its the teachers ghost or something!! so used to the spirits popping up in ur stories!! loved it!

phatichar said...

Mampi: :P

Reflections: Thanks, N..

Menachery: Never realized you commented on this one. Thanks :)

Princess: Pleasantly surprised to see your comment! Thanks. I modified this one a bit to post it yesterday, but somehow ended up losing the draft 'n the whole thing. :( :P Thanks so much.