Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank You...

Look! Up in blogosphere...
Is it a Booker? An Oscar? No, it's the Brilliante Weblog


I've penned down the retrospective many a time; so I'll refrain from going down that lane again. Instead, let me today spend a moment to think of those people who I've been at b(logger)heads with the past several years (ok, some are new but heck, I feel like I've known them for years).

I'm really bad with acceptance speeches. While I feel overwhelmed when someone says a nice word about my writing, I never know how to handle a 'real' big compliment. A sheepish thank you is all I can manage. Man of few words? Naaah, too lazy to say anything. :-)

Mampi and Pinku, both who I've known now for a few weeks now, have been gracious enough to bestow the Brilliante Weblog award on me. Thank you ladies. But be that as it may, I've realized that blogging is more about connecting. To another person's mind, life, his or her world of fantasy, adventure, feelings, and a whole lot of other aspects, which maybe don't come to the fore in person. Ok, enough already.

Now for the toughest part. Passing the baton (as the rules go). The rule of this award says, pass it on to seven or more bloggers. I say tough not because of the number seven, but I probably have so many bloggers in mind I already feel guilty that I might miss out on someone whose writing I probably loved, but have forgotten the person's link ever since. Well, anyways, here goes (And bloggers who've known me for more than a few years now, if I missed you, it's entirely due to forgetfulness, and has nothing to do with me not liking your blog. I've liked all the blogs I visited till date. All of you rock!):

Gratisgab: One of the early bloggers I got to know. Fantastic sense of humor and a sensitivity that's very rare to find these days. (Psst, she also shares my wife's name).

Alpha: Again, an old bloggerhead - great writer, terrific sense of humor. It's been a while since I visited her. This could be a great way of doing it.

Manuscrypts: Cool dude, and quite befitting his trademark 'devilish' logo he displays on his blog, at least the old one. You rock, pal!

Pinku: A recent discovery, and what a discovery! Here's a woman that deserves a standing ovation for what she's stood for. A truly gutsy lady.

Mampi: Have you seen a coconut? Tough on the outside, but quite soft on the inside. That's mampi. A very sensitive person, but at the same time, she knows how to take potshots at life. She can pack a punch. With her words, of course. ;-)

Shub: Very rarely do you come across a girl whose idea of a date is a candle light dinner, with, perhaps M.S. Dhoni?? (Shub, please forgive me if that was a totally off the hook reference). But she's a true sports lover and cries when a sportsman/woman hurts himself/herself on the field, and exhults when they excel.

Cynic in Wonderland: Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha. That's how I go when I read her posts. Our very own P.G. Wodehousini. Terrific humor writer. Must remind her again about that book I want her to come out with.

Prerona: An old bloggerhead again, a good friend, and again, a very sensitive person. Where are you girl? Don't see you at all these days. And to top it, her blog's open only by invitation these days...

GaramBhejaFry: My very good friend, in fact, he's like a younger brother. If you wanna roll on the floor laughing, then he's the guy for you. I think he's not a single 'serious' bone in his body. All are funny ones. Check him out.

There. Did it. But I repeat; there's more to this list than meets the eye. And please..all of you deserve this one. At least from me.


Mampi said...

I am really honored at the words you use to tell about me.
BTW, was the award supposed to come back? ;)
Just a punch in your eye. hehehe.

But I really am touched. Not saying it any tone, except the sincerest, cutest tone.

Pinku said...


this is about to become a pass the parcel, is it?

You have gone ahead and awarded it back to me and thing I completetly agree with your assesment of Cynic and Mampi...the rest you mention will pucca try and sample.. am sure they will be good if you chose to mention them.

As for me, Thanks a ton for awarding it back, feels great coming from you.

P.S: now please get back and write the rest of that spooky encounter.

Alpha said...

Phatichar my old boy! Its so good to walk in here again..and what do I fare and awards..took me by shock to have got an award without trying at all. thank you so very much. much honored. I have to click those links now. thank you.

Priya Iyer said...

wow! tat makes for some blogs for me to visit over the weekend..

btw, i think it's high time to update the boo chronicles now... pls pls pls pls do somethng about it!!! :)

manuscrypts said...

there now, you pushed me into introspection mode... off to do a careful analysis of the devil in me ;) but seriously, thank you :D

shub said...

*blushing* thank you, thank you! :) You are too kind!
And Dhoni, eh? Prefer Federer or Dravid please ;)

Epiphany said...

Got here from cynics blog..thanks for some new haunts ;) adding you to th eblogroll..hope you don't mind :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...



New to your blog..
knew about 'malignant humour' from mampi's blog..
the title tell the story..
will take time to read your previous posts..
me have a cartoon post..
do visit..

Priyanka said...

Can spend the afternoon after-lunch-hour going through these blogs - thanks!! :)
When do we all get the next installment of the Boo chronicles?? Waiting........

Priya Iyer said...

you have an award waiting for you. pls visit my blog and accept it. :)

Ricercar said...

thanks :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Sri, can you please take a look here and spread the word? Also, please post something on 2nd October!

Priyanka said...

Where art thou??

pRiyA said...

to think you write this well, brilliante weblog winner too! my, my...while fourteen years ago, notebook in hand you used to come and check on the 'status' of the work the rest of us were doing.

phatichar said...

pRiya: Boy, boy...those were the days, huh?

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Bhavya said...

You are so right when you say that blogging is more about connecting. To another person's mind, life, his or her world of fantasy, adventure, feelings, and a whole lot of other aspects, which maybe don't come to the fore in person.

And this post gives me a lot of new people to connect to! Thanks :)

phatichar said...

Bhavya: Exactly..blogging has introduced us to a whole new world, huh? :-)

Your welcome here, always.