Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Booo Chronicles is back... :-)

For those who came in late (it all started here), Boo Chronicles is about one of the most amazing places in Kolkata, the 'Plaza Complex' (name changed, so no use googling it) where the living and the 'already-lived' co-exist harmoniously. Well, harmonious or certainly makes great food for thought. My friend N, who was the manager there, recently found some free time over the weekend to narrate some more incidents,which proved beyond a point that, forget us, even ghosts are touchy when it comes to personal space. Read on.


It was late, and N yawned. The clock read 1 AM. But he had to complete two sets of reports for the christmas season round the corner, and had to prepare requisitions for a whole lot of inventory and permissions for various vendors who'd set up their wares on the D day. He knew that the third floor of the house had a small one-room studio apartmentish kind of a guest room, which was reserved for his boss, when he flew in from Mumbai. He decided to spend the night there. He called home, informed his wife and sat down to draft the reports. An hour later, he stepped out of his office and trudged down the stairs. After a few steps, he thought he heard another set of footsteps, echoing his own. 'Clop, clop' and then immediately a 'clop'. He stopped and turned around. No one. He ignored the echoes and reached the ground floor, where the security guy sat. The uniformed man was slumped in his chair. At a glance, you'd think he'd been stabbed or something. The snore gave him away. N woke him up and asked for the keys to the apartment. The guy hastily pulled out the keys from his pocket and handed it to him. As N was returning to the flight of stairs, the janitor, who slept right below there, peeped out and called out.

"Sir, you're still here?"

"Oh, yeah..I had some work, so I decided to sleep over at the Boss' apartment. Why do you ask?"

The small wiry guy quickly stepped out of his bed and came to N.

"Please don't stay there sir. You better go home."

"But why?" N said and paused. Then he shook his head. "Don't tell me..."

The janitor nodded. "Yes, sir. They're there as well."

"Holy ghost," N muttered.

The janitor said. "And this guy is a tad more touchy than the other ones."

N waited for him to continue.

The janitor said, "You know I used to sleep there, on the 3rd floor, right outside the apartment, don't you?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember that."

"Hmmm..and now I sleep here on the ground floor. Know why?"

"Enlighten me," N said, sleep slowly hovering over his eyes.

"Well, one night after my usual round of duties, I slept there, in front of the guest room. And in the morning, I found myself here, below these stairs."

N raised his eyebrows.

"Yes sir...and I don't walk in my sleep. Never have. I have been sleeping there for the last four years. And this happened about two months ago. That's when I suspect, the apartment might've had a new visitor."

N scratched his head. "Well, ok. We'll see. Maybe I'll find myself beside you here in the morning." He chuckled and climbed up the stairs to the guest room.

The next morning he woke up inside his car, in the basement parking lot.



Mampi said...

You and your ghosts...
both have that thing, of keeping us mesmerized.
You have the touch of that Touchy ghost.

Anonymous said...

Hey! how do you do that? how can you write so much about ghosts? (its really amazing-I think you deserve awards for this!)May I ask something-do you ever get scared by your own stories?(lolzz)

phatichar said...

mampi: Am touched :-)

mithe: Ummm..that's a difficult question to answer, but will..someday. ok? :-)

phatichar said...

mithe: Oh, and about your last question? It's just like how you can't tickle yourself to laugh..?

Pinku said...

love that ghost....i would have done that to unwanted guests too if i could...hehehe

ur friend n shouldnt go visiting people or ghosts so late in the night...its pretty rude.

phatichar said...

pinku: :-) lol..

Anonymous said...

the ghosts in the Booo Chronicles are quite interesting :)

phatichar said...

kunal: :-) aren't they?

Bhavya said...

Great as always. The ghosts seem to be pretty touchy about the living invading their space!

Priyanka said...

Like this series: especially since the ghost seems loathe to kill or scare anyone..
I used to love my ghosts to be Casper-ish,but now.....

Purely Narcotic said...

Must be of gigantic Goliath proportions that ghost.

Nirav said...

Cool stuff!
I see the chronicles becoming a 'Class of '84' kinda series. Keep writing :)

shub said...

Now really, this is fiction, innit?

phatichar said...

Bhavya: :-)

Priyanka: yeah..true :-)

Purely Narcotic: you can say that again

Nirav: oh boy, that :-)

Yeah, will try to, let's see

shub: much as I'd like it to be, I'm afraid it isn't. Hard to believe, but that's where it stands :-)

Hegidira? Long time...

Mampi said...

An award for you....
on me blog
this time it is the angel award,
i mean a million dollar buddy award.

enigma said...

I like this ghost. Can I adopt him please?
Only, I'd like to wake up at my office desk. No alarm clocks, no waking up, making breakfast, ironing clothes, getting dressed, and most importantly NO DRIVING..
And on weekends I'd like to wake up in a resort maybe ;)

~anu~ said...

ok.. so we are waiting! where is the next one?
:) Happy new year!

Pinku said...

where are you??

celestialrays said...

cool 'cut the crap' kind of no-drama ghost...
i like him :)

phatichar said...

celestialrays: :-) glad u like it..err, him.

Shreya said...

Seriously?! Like seriously???? I don't know whether to believe in the existence of N, or feel like an idiot for believing!!!!