Friday, February 13, 2009

Joy ride...

1991 - First year of college. And I heard the laughter. I just had to find out who it belonged to. It belonged to you. I'm glad I found out. :-)

1992 - You came into my life. You became a dear friend.

1993 - We fell in love. We made some nervous promises, we didn't know what the road ahead held for us.

1994 - Graduation. The big bad world waited for us. We held hands and promised to stay together.

1995 - While I did my Masters, you worked; took care of your family.

1996 - Some ups, some downs. We managed to brave it together.

1997 - My first job. The going wasn't easy, but you were with me, and that's all that mattered.

1998 - We got married. A big sigh of relief for both of us. Finally we made it!

1999 - Turbulence in work. I lost my job. You held yours. But mostly you held my hand tighter. I can never thank you enough for it.

2000 - We found it hard to make ends meet. But we had each other. Most importantly, I had you.

2001 - I wasn't heading anywhere with my career. I was distraught. You held me firmly and pushed me to do better.

2002 - You gave us the most precious gift one could have - Aayushi! :-)

2003 - Things were getting better. But you decided to stay home and take care of the little one. I didn't want you to sacrifice a great career. You didn't call it sacrifice. You called it a joy-ride.

2004 - Our little one was growing up. And you were there for both of us. We braved some rough weather.

2005 - In between changing jobs, the one thing that didn't change was our love.

2006 - My lucky break. All because of you. But I had miles to go. And your love was the fuel. That was enough.

2007 - Things were settling down. We looked back at how we'd built our home with love and care. And Aayu made it all the more better.

2008 - You decided to pursue your passion for music. I'm so glad you did.

2009 - Another year, another milestone. But we're far from done. We have a lot to look forward to. I'm sure I'll do it with you by my side.

This Saturday (14th) is when you first came into this world, years ago. Probably the best valentine gift God could've given me? We're gonna be away from the online world that day, right? So in advance, Happy Birthday my love!


Bhavya said...

Beautiful story :)
Wishing a Happy Birthday to your better half, and a Happy Valentine's to both of you :)

Mampi said...

And a great come-back post.
Wishing Happy Birthday to the love of your life. May God grant you decades and centuries of togetherness.
You were missed.
Keep in touch, it helps.

kunal said...

beautiful read :)

Mithe said...

How really emotional. You write occasionally but whenver you arrive back, its always a gem of a creation-lovely!
Happy Birthday to your wife and Happy Valentine's Day to both of you:)

Nirav said...
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Nirav said...

[sniff!] [sniff!]
Bas kar pagle, rulaayega kya! :)

What is it with the creative types? They knit a beautiful story around even the simplest things in life.

Hope your day was wonderful.

thetinywindow said...

Cute !! Wish you many more such happy years :)

Great to see you back !!

Priya Iyer said...

this is just so beautiful... i had tears in my eyes as i read it :)

yes, having someone to stand by you throughout all the thick and thin of life makes all the difference in the world... it really is a blessed feeling to have someone like that beside you... and i m glad you found your BEST FRIEND..

Priya Iyer said...

and yes, happy valentine's day (belated) to both of you... may you have many more such days together.. :)

RustyNeurons said...

What a wonderful way to live... Have a great life ahead with the partner

stupid fool said...

heyy was really nice of u to have spent time on my amateurish attempts.Will surely keep in mind the things you've pointed out.i'm awestruck by u so didn't really have the courage to write a comment on ny one of ur stories...sowwie :( .All are sooouuu good that they take me by surprise everytime. im a huge fan. coming from u ..all those words (each nd everyone :)) do mean a lot to me.really appreciate it. will try to write better :).thank you :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...

awwwwwww that is sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm a total stranger..chanced upon your blog..and WOW! you both are lucky to have found true love!
Best wishes to your family.

Iya said...

this is so lovely.. is it tru?? visiting ur space after a long time and seems u havent written much lately??

Mama - Mia said...

awwww! sniffle! sob! :)

late but had to comment on this one!

such love wished for you guys foreva!



Pradip Biswas said...

Wishing you and your better half and combined full all the joys and love in life.
I read your blog holding my breath hard and finally was relieved to see the happy begining.
Visit my blog if you find some time.

Twilight Fairy said...

Nice Ode to your wifey :)

n many happy returns to her for her birthday albeit belated!

Priyanka said...

this is so beautiful...

thanks for sharing it with us...

Wishing you both a wonderful life together...through everything..

Priyanka said...

Tagged you. Its a fun one so do take it up!

Purva said...

awww....that is soo sweeet!!!

God Bless ya

Purva said...

awww....that is soo sweeet!!!

God Bless ya

Yamuna said...

Hey.. I am glad I stumbled across your blog again.. :)
I remember that you used to write some sort of mystery chain story that time. I searched but I couldn't find those posts now. :) I would love to know what happened to the story?!

Great blogging!


phatichar said...

All: Hey..thanks for all the lovely wishes. I know it's a tad late in the day to reply, but better late than..huh? ;-) So..thanks once again. Replies to individual comments follow.

Bhavya Thanks!

Mampi Thanks, dear. I will try to - lots of things happening around me. But I'll try to..

kunal: :-)Thanks, pal

Mithe: :-)

Nirav: Naatak! :-) Thanks...

thetinywindow: Me too ;-)

Priya Iyer: Yes..friendship is the key. :-) Thanks.

RustyNeurons: Thanks dear..

stupid fool: Oh boy..that was an earful - donno if I deserve it all. But thanks, write good yourself. :-)

Cynic in Wonderland: :-) Thanks, ma'am.

Anonymous: Don't remain anonymous..come out in the open..And keep comin' back. Thanks for the wishes.

Iya: Of course it is! LOL, why'd I make it up?

Mama - Mia: :-)

Pradip Biswas: :-)The ending of the post is happy as well, don't you think? (kidding) Thanks, return.

Twilight Fairy: :-)'ve you been?

Priyanka: You're welcome, girl..and many thanks.

Purva: Welcome! And thanks..thanks a lot.

Yamuna: Hey..thanks. And welcome back! You'll know about the story..shortly. :-)

Pinku said...

I reread this again....moved me as much as the first time.....

God bless all three of you...and I hope aunty is doing better now...

Purely Narcotic said...

Happy Birthday to A! (I know a little belated but better late than never eh?)

phatichar said...

pinku: touched.

PN: :-) that's ok..thanks a lot.