Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Guest Appearance

I've been penning fiction on my blog the last year and a half, and it wasn't until last year I really started experimenting with horror. And ever since I started penning these spooky tales, I've had some very interesting conversations on this topic with my co-bloggers.

One such blogger is Visha. I'm sure many of you know her.

But for those who don't, let me tell you, her blog is a mixed bag. You won't know what to expect; she doesn't specialize in any particular topic, but rest assured, her posts will always bring a smile on your face. 

Over a period of time, I discovered that Visha had a unique way of looking at almost everything. And the best part is, she is never judgmental. She merely paints her thoughts in a different color. Especially her thoughts on the supernatural. And that's what caught my attention.

I invited her to post her thoughts on my blog. She was reluctant initially, but finally agreed.  And how! :)

So...ladies and gentlemen - Presenting Visha. Please give her a big hand. :)


Just Mind It

She was studying for her university exams that night in her bedroom. It was close to 2 and still there was lots to revise. Suddenly, she heard some footsteps coming from the living room.

"Who might be awake at this time?"

The fact that her parents were downstairs and she was all alone in the first floor made her a bit cautious - had thieves broken into her home?

"Ma, is that you?"

No answer.

She went out to check and saw no one.

And this happened every night. While she used to study, light footfalls could be heard.

Fear was the last thing in her mind, instead she had an interesting thought.

"Maybe the Lord was giving me company."

Smiling, she turned another page of her book.

Howzzat, folks? :)


Soumya said...

WOW!! That's good.. Excellent work Visha. You kept up to Sri's reputation :)

Sri, please bring on more guest appearances. Not that I don't want to read your work anymore :P

Off to Visha's blog now :D

sumitra said...

Nice work, Visha! :)

Privy Trifles said...

This sounds so much like me when I was a teen. The only thing different is the ending where I used to walk up to my parents bedroom and cuddle up next to my mom to feel save.

Thieves or ghosts...both are eerie for me :/

Very nicely written Visha, superb imagination!

cmus said...

Sri, I have to say - Lord is much, MUCH better than a ghost or a zombie. :D

Visha's blog is pleasant. Has kind of a feel good factor to it.

phatichar said...

Soumya: I love the 'clauses' in your sentences.

cmus: Lord is the fact, ghost is fiction. :)

Anonymous said...

Good one Visha.. a nice take :)
It was a pleasure ot read her here as well Sri.

Visha said...

Sri:A big thanks to you Sri, for allowing me to share my thoughts!

Soumya: Thanks Soumya :) Even I was thinking if I did justice to his reputation :D

Sumitra: Thanks Sumi :)

Privy: Glad you could relate to this, thanks :)

cmus: Thanks for the kind words cmus :)

Jas: Thanks Jas :)

Bikram said...

I know her for sure ..

and she can write this also OMG ..

I wonder what lord will send to keep me company :)

good one Visha

phatichar said...

GBTP: :)

Visha: Please don't thank me, Visha. An exchange of thoughts and banter is always welcome here. :) Pleasure is all mine.

Visha said...

Bikram: Thanks Bikram. I am sure He will never leave you alone :)

Nirvana said...

Thanks Sri... that was a fresh perspective!

Visha... nicely written!

Anonymous said...

I am normally scared of reading or watching any kind of horror. But I loved the twist in this story. Well written Visha :)

Eyes-speak said...

This was soooo good...
Loved it to the core...
The thinking as well as the expression of writing...

PS: Please give me a link to Visha's blog too.. I'm new to blogging so haven't read her blog..

phatichar said...

Nirvana: :) - The mind is a wonderful thing; that's the one deciding fear and solace for us.. glad you liked Visha's work.

Lifeissongoflove: Welcome here, thanks for visiting :)

Eyes-speak: Welcome! Thanks for the enthusiastic response. Here's the link to her blog:


Do return. :)

Varsha said...

Wow, awesome.....great post Visha..

Coming over to your blog

Visha said...

Nirvana : Thanks Nirvana :)

LS : Even I am not fond of horror movies :D Glad you liked this :)

Eyes-speak :Thank you so much for such a warm feedback. Enjoy blogging :)

Varsha : Happy you liked it Varsha, thanks :)

Smita said...

I loved the positivity in this spooky story Visha ;)

Anonymous said...

Well-written, Visha! :)

But I don't understand how someone can not be spooked and think so positively in that situation. :) :P

My Era said...

Very well written ending Visha :)
Love the positivity!!

Uma said...

oh, its calming to presume the Almighty for a change ;-)
nice take, Visha! thanks for hosting her, Sri! :-)

Rohini said...

Truly..I can't help but appreciate the positivity! :-):-) great work Visha!

Erratic Thoughts said...

Oh! What's this? Guest Appearance :D
This was such a sweet one, Visha! I thought as this is a guest appearance on Sri's blog, it will be spooky… I was waiting for the spooky part and I was totally surprised... Whata story?!

Sri, it's just me n my one track mind, dont bother :D
N Yeah Sri I know I know... I'm still here :D

Visha said...

Smita : Thanks Smita :)

TGND : All in the mind ;) Glad you liked it :)

My Era : Thanks ME :)

Rohini : Thanks Rohini :)

Erratic Thoughts : I was apprehensive for the same reason. I said to Sri that people will expect a spooky story on his blog :P

Brijesh said...

Nice work you guys.

Anonymous said...

Very very positive :) Thanks Sri for hosting her :)

phatichar said...

All: Loved the interaction here; thanks to you for reading and commenting. Once a while, a different perspective really does good to the soul and mind.

Thanks, once again. :)

Ok, time for the next story, back to spook-land. He he he...

Diksha Sharma said...

I could never have thought so positively if i were in that place. Good job Visha! :P

Anonymous said...
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