Monday, February 04, 2013

It could happen...

Sanjay stepped out of his boss’s cabin and sighed. Thank God his story about the ‘scuffle’ he had in traffic today worked, else… There was no way on earth was he going to tell his boss about the morning show. He looked at his watch – 3.30 pm. That’s ok, he had enough time. He had this thing of convincing anybody with his stories. He beamed at himself.

He entered his cubicle when the board number rang. He pressed the speaker button.


“Sir, there’s a certain ..uh, SI, to see you.”


“Yes, sir…”

“SI, as in police?”

“Yes, sir.”

He took it off speaker and picked up the receiver.

“But why?”

Before she replied, he heard the SI taking the receiver from her hand coming online. “Mr. Sanjay, I’d like to see you.”

“But..for what?”

“You beat a man to near-death this morning at the Alankar circle.”

“What non-sense, I wasn’t even there…”

Wait a minute, Alankar circle. But that was impossible.

A couple of minutes later, Sanjay agreed to meet the cop and hung up. His head reeled.

The alankar circle story was a product of his imagination that he’d fibbed to his boss about….and now this cop shows up. He hadn’t even told it to anybody else. How on earth could this be happening?

He walked out of his cubicle in a daze. He got into the elevator and out of it, into the visitor’s lobby.

There was no one.

He walked upto the receptionist. She smiled at him warmly.

“Yes sir?”

“Didn’t you just call me about some SI…?”

“Who, me?”


“No, sir..I didn’t call you.”

“Oh, come on - it was you. A few minutes ago. I know the board number. I know your voice..”

The receptionist just gave him a puzzled look and shook her head. “No, sir.”

Sanjay went and sat down on one of the couches.

What the hell was this?

Just then he received a text message.

“It could really happen. Tell your boss the truth. Now.”


It was from an unidentified number. In fact it didn’t look anything like a phone number. 773H? What kind of a number was that?

And then it struck him. Gobsmacked, he slowly turned the phone upside down, and looked at the number again.

A cold wave passed through him. He swallowed hard, got up and slowly walked back to his boss’s cabin.



Aditi Ray said...

:O u have ur way of frightening people I tell u !
The inverted number was scarryyyyy!!! :O

Soumya said...

WOW!! Worth the wait.

Your first post of the year is in Feb. So not happening :(

The Meditating Lion said...

Ramanaaaa.... :D

You must be a ghost . How else do you know so much about scaring people?

Baba Vaniteshwar said...


Shreya said...

Hahaa!! It was so good to see an update from you again! And loved it!!

aks said...

wow! this is such a take on the "guilty conscience"! awesome!

phatichar said...

Aditi: :) Thank you!

Soumya: :)

TML: Well, who knows..maybe I'm not one, but maybe I'm tutored by one. :P

BabaV: I like filling up blanks. :P

Shreya: Thank you, thank you...good to see you back here too :)

aks: Haha..yeah, the devil's unpaid advocate this.. hmm? :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

wow.. back with a bang right from 773H ;)

Ramya said...

Amazingly written :D too good especially the ending :D
773H awesome :D

Kanthu said...


Keirthana said...

That was awesome! :) We need to think twice about lying now :O

Nisha said...

It could surely happen!! Good one.

phatichar said...

TFL: Ha ha..right.

Ramya: Dhanyavaadagalu!

Kanthu: :P

Keirthana: He he..yeah. Thanks!

Nisha: Thank you! :)

Neha said...

You are at it again. Early morning bhagwan ka naam lete hain...bhooton ka nahi!

Anonymous said...

I turned my laptop upside down :P Good one Sri.

sumitra said...

Whoa! Good one. :)

PURN!MA said...

so now they got ppl coming up from hell u telling us?? Hilarious! Loved it!

Varsha Naik said... haunted house and all but amazing stuff!!

Erratic Thoughts said...

If I were Him I wouldn't have been that bright and figured it out when scared shit! I am dumb that way :D

Sri that was a classic one:)

phatichar said...

Neha: :)

GBTP: :D haha. Thanks..

sumitra: Thank you :)

Purnima: :D Thanks.

Varsha: Thank you, thank you, doc.

ET: Hey.. junior! Thanks so much.

Mirage said...


the little princess said...

loved this one! super!

phatichar said...

Mirage: :D

Princess: Thanks! :)

Rhythm said...

and you have the power of scaring everyone with your spooky stories! :)

phatichar said...

Rhythm: Well, I try. :)