Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dream come true?

Ok, let’s talk about dreams. Nah, not the ‘I wanna be a celebrity some day’ kinda dream, but the regular ones that we get while sleeping at night. It would be stupid to explain what a dream is. So let’s just get on with my thoughts about dreams, my thoughts IN my dreams and well, my dreams.

First. Just what the hell do dreams translate into? You know, right from my kidhood up until now, I’ve never, I repeat never had a satisfactory answer to this one. I’ve read books, spoken to friends, spoken to oldies, browsed the net some, but tish, nada, zilch. Uh huh. Nothing really makes sense. I guess all the guys who wrote about dreams were sleeping when they wrote them.

And then those weird interpretations by grannies.

‘I died in my dream last night.’“Oh really? You shouldn’t dream such things.” Yeah, come and tell that to me when I’m dreaming about it. But then the safe (read convenient) explanation that follows is, ‘anyway, you don’t have to worry. Dreaming about dying actually means you’ll have a long life.” Oh really?!

“Got bitten by a snake, or seen a snake? That’s auspicious. The snake God’s gonna smile down upon you.” Jeepers! I don't want no snake smiling, frowning or even looking at me.

And then the debate of color and black & white. Yeah, dreams are videos that you choose from the local video store. Take a pick. And you know what’s really funny? And I’m not making this up. I read some place, some book written by Freud’s failed student, that guys dream in black and white and girls dream in color. How the hell do you prove these things? And then that baloney about a different set of interpretations for same dreams by a girl or a guy. And these guys have spent sleepless nights researching this stuff, when they should've been sleeping instead! ha!

And my wife - She dreams episodes. We’re talking sitcoms here. She dreams a story, an entire movie if you may. And the amazing thing is, she recounts the whole thing to me the next morning. Like she’d seen an episode of the X-files or something in her sleep. And I scratch my head trying to figure out if MY dream made any sense (If I remember it, that is). My dreams are so disjointed, if you clipped them all together, they’d resemble the title sequence of ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’.

The only thing I like about my dreams is, when I’m chased by some lunatic, most times I just take off. Soar into the air like Superman. And oh man, is that cool or what. Just don’t remind me that the lunatic also might follow me a la Lex Luthor. But hey, he doesn’t know I’m dreaming, does he? *winks*.


Cherubin said...

This post was so apt...just when I was recounting my last nights dream in graphic details with eatman colour to one of my friends and trying to figure out what it meant :)

Prerona said...

yeah, i have dreams like ur wife ... elaborate movie like with full colour detail. actually never noticed about the color :)

but if im chased, i cant run

i frequently have nightmares that begin with a overlap with my last waking moments & then something v ordinary but scary

Rahul said...

Great post. I have read somewhere that, dreams are always in black and white. No colors. Really don't know if thats true.

And read "Interpretation of Dreams" by Freud if you can. Good book about dreams. Though can go bonkers at times. ( Atleast for me it was :-) )

GratisGab said...

LOL phatichar!

My dreams are disjointed too and I sometimes wake up trying piece it together while it's still fresh and end up making a whole new story...overactive imagination problems.

Ever read the one by Freud himself? "The Interpretation of Dreams"

YOur wife should turn script-writer!

GratisGab said...

oops, Rahul just asked you the same thing!

phatichar said...

Angel: :)

Ricercar: Dreams are dreams, end of the day....errr, beginning..

Rahul: Thanx pal. I think I did nibble into a few pages, but fell asleep half way and started dreaming that Freud was chasing me with a huge sack of his books ;)

GratisGab: I'll convey your suggestion to my wife :) BTW, I feel all those guys/gals who write the soaps on TV, started out this way

Ash said...

Hey Ramana, fun post :)

I have pretty elaborate dreams with intricate and completely illogical and crazy plots ! Absolutely netertaining I tell you :D

And Freud's interpretation of dreams is one heck of a crazy bits and pieces...that man like to put sexual connotations on ever damn thing !

d4u said...

Hehe...and where do daydreams figure:p???

aqua said...

how about dreams within a dream within a dream.. i do that at times. :)

Prashanth said...

You said it, right.
Dreams are far out, and more when you try to interpret.
love your blog.

phatichar said...

ash: thanx...yeah Freud doesn't let anything 'slip' by huh? ;)

d4u: oh that's another post...:))

aqua: now ur talking calvin, ma'am.. ;) never happened to me though. I've enough problems 'interpreting' my single dreams..

prashanth: thanx a lot..hey, and do keep droppin in :)

shub said...

i have the wierdest dreams all the time!

phatichar said...

shub: tell me 'bout it :), and hey, do write 'bout ur stay in the land of the lions..

dreams said...

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aks said...

I dream movies! my dreams are so elaborate that I am called sapno ki rani..and although i hate how silly it makes me sound I just cannot wait till I relay my next dream!sigh!

phatichar said...

LOL @ 'sapno ki rani' apt. :)