Wednesday, July 20, 2005

State of mind

When I was a kid my dad, a scientist, taught me a simple trick to overcome my fear of darkness. He said, "everything's as it is. Only there's no light". It made sense to me. You see, the moment there is darkness, our eyes tend to imagine shapes instead of simply seeing them. To me back then, it helped a great deal when my father implied that "you don't have to imagine anything because everything is as it is. Nothing changes."

I'm not afraid of darkness. For me, darkness is just another state of being. And I taught that to my daughter the other day when she cringed, entering a dark kitchen. I switched on the light and then off again. On and then off again. To her tiny li'l mind, what it meant was - Light or no light. It's no big deal. It's just a matter of playing with a button. She smiled and walked in when I switched off the light once again. She swung back sharply and I thought, 'here goes my lesson', expecting her to wail the next instant. But there, standing in the darkness, her eyes shining from the street light outside, she said confidently, gesturing "appa? ba. It's ok." (Appa, come in).


Prerona said...

brilliant! just goes to show you that guys are scared-ier than girls ;)

by the way how do i make my blogger comments thing pop up like urs?

Ash said...

Smart daddies :)

Parna said...

nice way to teach ur daughter Ramana. and ur daughter sounds real cute :)

sanguine said...

way to go , ayushi !

manuscrypts said...

yup, never fear the dark side...may the force be with you :)

phatichar said...

pre: yeah...right!
Well, about the pop up, you can set it up in the settings for your blog. Here's how.

The page where you make a new blog entry,
1. Click the settings tab
2. Click Comments
3. Select 'yes' in the option 'view comments in popup?'


Ash: thanx.. :)

Parna: thanx...oh she's not just cute, she's smarty pants, a li'l too big for 'em at times..

Sanguine: :)

manuscrypts: *thumbs up* :)

Anonymous said...

wow! n here i am still kinda scared to wake up in the middle of the nightr too pee! :(

phatichar said...

shub: The logic still applies.. try it, who knows, you might just overcome that fear; 'ts never too late! :)