Thursday, September 01, 2005

Made for each other

He'd first seen her at the shopping center. Well, that's what it had been, back in those days. They'd brought the entire structure down a year back and now it donned a new look. A new name even - mall. It was called the Sphere. It was sphrerical in shape, maybe that's why. And here's where he'd first seen her, falling in love with her, almost instantly. She had not noticed him,though. How could she? He was a pretty plain looking guy, somebody who'd be lost in a crowd. But she was something else. Her long flowing tresses complemented her fair skin, her almost flawless features could win her a beauty pageant anywhere in the world. But it wasn't about her beauty. It wasn't about how pure in thought and soul she looked either. It was something else. Something which told him that he had to talk to her, get to know her.

They had got talking in front of the cinema.


She turned and his heart skipped a beat.



She smiled. Another beat.


"Krishnaa?" His eyebrows went up.

She giggled innocently, looking around her.

"It's spelt with an extra 'a'. And that differentiates the gender."

"Oh, that's new."

He sat down beside her and looked at the movie poster above her.

"Same movie?"

"Um hm."

"You're alone."

She gazed at his face, her eyes doing all the talking. She nodded.

"Would you mind a lot if I join you?"

"No, why should I?"

They made small talk for a few minutes before entering the dark hall.

And that's how it all began. A year back, almost.

They were seated at the park, watching the ducks. He turned to her.

"Remember that movie where I first met you?"

Krishnaa pushed back a lock of hair from her face and nodded.

"I felt you'd snub me and leave."

"I'd felt the same. After all, I've not had guys just coming up to me and offering to watch a movie with me."

They laughed.

"But then I realized that you were different."

"Just like you."


"I'm glad I found you."

She smiled and gazed at his face like she usually did.

He looked at the ducks and spoke, almost to himself. "I'm glad I didn't survive that accident."

"And me, that fire."

They rose, held hands and walked on the pond, smiling, looking at the ducks around them. The ducks suddenly scattered. Perhaps they also knew their secret.



Prerona said...

hauntingly beautiful? :)

J said...

ooooooooooooooh! love's in the air :)

Golden Words said...

huh?? hindi movie??heh heh..
jokes aside.. so happy for u my friend.. atleast i'm not the only one suffering.. i mean, never mind.. good for u kids..and one year..god??.. i mean good!!

but atleast there's a story u can tell your grandchildren.. all the very best for ur future.. may gods grace be with u..
[hoping the story was about the writer]

Twilight Fairy said...

hi phatichar,
this was ur post abt why u write eerie stuff.. well, i am in the same boat.. whenever i write fiction it mostly turns out eerie and its precisely because I think I wanna play with the idea of giving the reader something unexpected :p :)

Parna said...

gosh! why do you do it? here i was reading innocently thinking for a change dear Ramana writes love. but No!
nice one though :)

GratisGab said...

And Gabby is happy :)

Akruti said...

Huh,for one time i thought "wow,he has put up a romantic feel in the story and was dead sure that it would have a goodie goodie bollywood masala type happy ending,and here i am,furious with myself to think that you would do something in that way:)
WHY,WHY,WHY, i still have no answer why do it all the time and scare the kids like me:D not fair,not fair.

anumita said...

Wow!! I went back and read it again!

phatichar said...

pre: thanx buddy.. :)

J: literally

Golden Words good for us 'kids'??? err..ahem..well, anyway, it's not my story, but that's an idea..i'll keep it :) will drop by ur blog some day. thanx for dropping in

Twilight: hi..long time. Yeah, it's the 'twist' that gets me going..

Parna: donno parna, it just comes to me.. what can i say :) but i think i'm gonna try my hand at love stories as well, sans all the twists and the ghosts..

gabby: :) this one was for u..

akruti: awww, time, no twists. promise. :)

anumita: :) keep dropping by

Ash said...

Eeek, that was frikky !

Good one, Ramana :)

KJ said...

eekkkk!!! spooky....
good to see you back with the twist in the stories.

have a nice day

tony said...

Nice one. Good that i came here via angels.. its a nice kept blog

manuscrypts said...

sphere of death, is all it is :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Sorry... late in posting the comment...

But this was well, umm, err.. I think you have been watching a lot of Hollywood thrillers lately. A twister yes, but honestly, Phatichar, a new genre will be much better... for a change

Sorry if that sounded harsh :(

phatichar said...

Ash: thanx.. :) how've u been?

KJ: u too :)

tony: hi...keep dropping in..

manuscrypts u know...that's what i had in mind when i named the mall that way..

Sudipta: :) i know's just that i quite like it... and no, u weren't harsh at all.. this is your space..comments are free :)

HB Pencil said...

Aaahh ghost stories - love them :)

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dompia said...

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Priya Iyer said...

spooooooooookyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but lovely!!! :)

phatichar said...

priya: thx again.. :)

aks said...

hehe i keep imagining them walking away and then viewing their half blown behinds not visible otherwise. I have got such a ramsay imagination!