Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Rishi couldn't sleep. It was close to 2 am.

He dragged himself to the living room and drank some water. Then he picked up the day's newspaper and started flipping absently. He came to the obituary section and stopped. He stared at a picture in the section and thought,"Hey, I know this girl, she's familiar".

But he wasn't able to recall where exactly he'd seen her. He read the date of her death. Yesterday. Then his eyes moved to her birth date. "Shit, this couldn't be." She was born more than 85 years ago. They'd inserted a much younger looking picture of hers. He was sure he'd seen that face recently. Maybe grand daughter? No, couldn't be. The likeness was too sharp. It was indeed her he'd seen and not somebody who looked like her.

There was a loud thud outside. He went to the window. Nothing.

Shrugging, he returned to the sofa, back to the picture. Funny. Staring back at him now was the picture of a frail old lady, wrinkles and all. He blinked a few times, and rubbed his eyes. What the...

Then the old lady smiled.

Slowly, like in the Harry Potter movies, but unmistakable.



Neha said...

Another spooky story from your kitty :)

SeĐĆendipity said...

I will hardly be able to pick up the paper tomorrow. Thanks to your mind :D:D
Quite interesting :)

Red Handed said...

Oh my God!!! Spooky much!! God!!!!!!!
I am never going to read obituaries again!

Anonymous said...

ur stories r definitely captivating!

phatichar said...

Neha: Hehe..this one's just an offshoot of a jobless mind

serendipity: :) don't mind my mind :P

RED: haha

lilac: thanks! :)

Mirage said...

I usually skip the column of obituaries. And shall now do that forever. :P

Bikramjit said...

you watching too many harry potter movies sir:) he he he

but this one is spooky.. nice one


phatichar said...

Mirage: :P

Bikram: There were only 8 of 'em..uske baad to full stop ho gaya yaara! hehe - thanks.

Soumya said...

WTF!! How on earth do you come up with such stuff? Brilliantly spooky.

Aaarggghh I'm jealous of your mind :)

And yeah, I hope I don't read the obituaries column subconsciously first thing in the morning!! If I do, I'd come back with a better comment :)

phatichar said...

Soumya: hahaha.. :P

PeeVee™ said...

I sense the bar being lowered :\

phatichar said...

PV: Hmmmm