Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not seeing...is believing

The scary house at the mall was anything but scary. The weird noises coming from the speakers placed in the Plaster-of-Paris skeletons made Priya laugh more than get frightened. So much for paying through your nose for this.

“Did you see how the usher smiled at us when we got in?” Priya shouted above all the howls and screams. “Will be our scariest adventure, he boasted. And that sinister laugh of his, I’m sure it’s a fake one – for the show.”

Arun shook his head. “He’ll hear a mouthful from me. This sort of a rip-off should be stopped.”

Finally they saw the light at the end of the ‘tunnel’ and sighed. Out of this madness at last. As they neared the exit, they could hear the weekend rush getting louder. Relieved, they stepped out.

But the mall was empty. They could hear the people milling around, laughing, talking, kids screaming, and all the other sounds of the mall, but they couldn’t see a soul.

Then the noise slowly died down... to pin-drop silence.

Behind them they heard the usher laughing and telling someone they couldn't see -

"This will be your scariest adventure ma'am. Trust me."

Then he looked at them and winked.



Neha said...

Phew...you got me there again!

Sri, a compilation of these now...please :)

BluBluBling said...

Never entering a fake scary house again :( !

sumitra said...

More, please!

Bikramjit said...

oh god .. I hope i never experience that EVER.. I wud probably die of heart attack hearing that Usher say the last line


Nisha said...

oh god.. mall of the 'bhoots'!! lol!

Mirage said...


Where is the goddamn humor in your blog? :/

phatichar said...

Neha: Hmmm..in the near future :)

BBB Yeah..they're rip-offs anyway, huh? :P

sumitra: Comin' up soon :)

Bikram: The next time you're at a cinema, don't allow the usher to open his mouth. :p

Nisha: Oh well, it's relative, you know. ;-)

Mirage: Haha..it's in my head, not in the blog. Remember? :P

Psst, I think my blog's alive. ;-)

PeeVee™ said...

:D this definitely is keepable

manan guju said...


phatichar said...

PV: Oh..missed this comment. You think so? :P

manan: Thanks, pal.