Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hasta La

Akash’s words rang in her ears.

“Promise me that you’ll find someone for yourself. You’ll not be alone. Promise me.”

“Shut up, Akki,” She’d said.

He’d laughed.

“I’d rather live with your ghost than another man,” She said frowning.

“Ok, then I’ll come back,” He said. She’d punched him.

Jahnavi could never bring herself to love another man after Akash. It was just not possible. He had completed her in ways she herself didn’t know. Everything he did was new, not repeated. Every single thing. There was never a dull moment around him. He was too good to be true. And maybe that’s why he didn’t stay around long, she’d always tell herself. She cursed her fate for having fallen for a man who was already taken. By God.

But then everybody comes to this planet with a purpose, right? That’s what parents, elders, teachers…everybody around you – said. What was Akash’s purpose then? Come to this planet, meet her, fall in love, and then leave her gasping for air? He was her air. He was that life source.
She sat by on their balcony and watched the city lights.

Eight years. A long time. But not for Jahnavi. A life-time of memories weren’t enough now. She chuckled at the irony. He had called her from his business trip the last time, eight years ago on this very day. What the world celebrated as Valentine’s day. She and Akash never believed in it. Didn’t have to. With Akash, everyday was Valentine’s day. Sounded hopelessly mushy, but that’s how it was. They didn’t need a special day to celebrate their togetherness. He was practical, romantic, aggressive, protective, comical, everything, all at once.

She grit her teeth. Why, God? Why did you bring the guy to earth in the first place?

“Come back to haunt me, my foot,” She said, not realizing she’d just said it out loud.

“Forget your ghost, not even a bloody sign that you’re around. You know how it is to live alone? You thought it’s just that simple, huh? Becoming a ghost and…”

The lights went out in the neighborhood.

Jahnavi switched on her cell phone and made her way into the house to get a candle. She found the match first. She headed to the crockery table for the candle.

The doorbell rang.

“Coming,” She shouted, as she always did.

She held the candle stand and started walking to the door when she stopped. Her heavy breath accidentally blew the candle light.

How could someone ring the doorbell now?



M in love said...

He rang the bell :O

Soumya said...
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Soumya said...

Woooaaahhh :D

Your tagged in my latest post. Don't worry I'm not saying good things about you :)

Seяendipity™ said...

commendable, yet again :)

Shreya said...

You're beginning to specialise in the whoaaaaa endings :D

Red Handed said...

why did the candle have to be blowed out!!!the darkness itself is creepy! Goodness gracious!!
dont keep the suspense!

phatichar said...

M in love: No-brainer that, eh?

Soumya: Saw the tag :)Thanks. Solpa jaasti aithu, alwa...? hehehe..:P

Seяendipity™: Thank you, senorita :)

Shreya: Whoa there, now! :P

Red: Juuuust upping the spook value a notch higher..nice, na? :P

Varsha Naik said...

ooh Spooky....I mean it was so romantic...till the bell rang...

Nirvana said...

Everytime I start reading a post, I promise myself not to get jolted by the climax - and I break my promise each. single. time!!! grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Keirthana said...

I was wishing that he would come back and he did :)

Good one!


Kanthu said...

Another awesome post..:-)

Gyanban said...

unsaid is so beautiful,leaving the reader wanting to read more.

Drifted here from some other blog, and must say quite interesting reads.


CD!!! said...

Romance with a twist or spookiness with a twist...I am confused!
But loved it as always....You never forget to scare your readers!

Bikramjit said...

and then what happened did she open the door.. did it open on its own ..


Anonymous said...

loved this post!

sumitra said...

You know, I scribbled something once in a notebook, a little story that involved the doorbell ringing after the power went out. But that was nowhere as good as this one is. You've done it again!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

wow..amazing Valentine spooky tale !!! Thanks very much.

the little princess said...

A little spooky, esp. because it seems like a continuation to one of my stories!! It was a series of 4 chapters and I was wondering how to bring it to an end, but I guess this could have been it!!!!

phatichar said...

Varsha: Maybe the romance continued...on a different level? ;-)

Nirvana:Think like me, you will not... :)

Keirthana: Thanks :)

Kanthu: Thanks, buddy. :)

Gyanban: You said it :P. Thanks for dropping by, do come back.

CD!!!: :)

Bikramjit: Donno, yaara ;-)

lilac: Thanks!

sumitra: Oh come sure that was good. :)

Tongue-fu Lady: *Bows*. You're welcome, senorita. :)

princess: Seriously?

the little princess said...

do read that story then, you'll know!! Here's the link to the 4 chapters in the story...

phatichar said...

princess: will do.. :)

Blue Lotus said...

"Welcome home Akash..." :-)

Neha said... was a battery bell :)

(The only way I get sleep tonight is by finding humor in your spooky stories!)