Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The burglar knew his way around the house. He’d done his homework well. The residents were out of town. He checked his watch again. 3 am. Perfect.

He took out the flashlight and pulled a lone curtain that was pulled aside. He went to work quickly, filling his huge sack with whatever he could lay his hands on. He then went to the bedroom and looked for the safe. He knew the combination. The maid had earlier on given it to him. He pulled the chit out from his pocket and flashed the light on it. Good.. here goes – turn left till 5. Turn right again till 3..

Turn right till 4

He switched the light off. Somebody just whispered that. He remained still. Nothing. He pointed the flashlight at the chit and continued.

Turn right till 4

Turn left 43

What the... He quickly scanned the room with the flashlight. Nobody.


That sounded like a little girl. Couldn’t be. He had a mind to scram. But he needed the loot. He turned to the safe and turned the flashlight on. He stood still.

Behind him. He turned.

Two kids. They smiled and waved at him before disappearing.



cmus said...

HOW?! How do you get so many ideas? *amazed*

Please do check out [if you haven't already] if you're interested in getting feedback for your *writing* in particular.

Would love to read a novel written by you, sometime in future.:)


Rohan said...

Dude RGV might com for u!!!

phatichar said...

cmus: Err..cerebral diarrhea?

Yeah..been to jottify some time back - haven't signed up as yet. :)

thx for the link again. About the novel, well umm..yes - working on one. will keep you posted. (Will keep everyone posted). :P

Rohan: Ulp!

BluBluBling said...

This is your 239th post :O and not one of them is repetitive , its time you start charging people to read these :P :D , Not me . Other people :P

Awesome as always :D

Neha said...

Naah... somehow, it didn't scare me as much today. Am I getting immune????

Kunal said...

Chilling for the burglar.. !! :P

A S said...


interesting indeed!!

A S said...


interesting indeed!!

Rià said...

Oops!! That was do u manage to write so well!?

Soumya said...

How do you manage to do this every single time?

Phew! Genius in the making :P

I second Nikhil, please do write a novel. Probably a compilation of short stories. Believe me, you'd rock!

Mirage said...

Brilliant and spooky, yet again!!

See, others also agree to what I told you i.e., write a book of short stories. =)

phatichar said...

BBB: Oh boy, you even know how many of 'em I posted, huh? :P Thanks..

Neha: Remember, my theory? Maybe that's why. :)

Kunal: Yeah, that or maybe frozen? ;-)

AS: Thank you! Thank you! :P

Ria: Thanks..I try. :)

Soumya: Hahah..yeah, perhaps - in the near future. Let's see. :)

Genius? nah..just a cursed mind that spews morbidity, I guess. :P

Mirage: Thanks V, looks like I'm getting cornered here, huh? :P

BluBluBling said...

Simple maths :P

sumitra said...


Now my imagination says that perhaps the residents who were out of town met with an accident and died so the kids came back to see their house one last time :D

How can it be that I'm reading your stories in broad daylight and still am scared?

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, ur posts r thrilling! m such a scaredy-bear but still read on till the end as its really captivating!

phatichar said... which I sucked..big time. :P

Sumitra: Hmmm, that's quite an explanation.

Maybe because ghosts are ghosts - day or night?

lilac: Thank you! :)