Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Faces

The washroom was empty and dimly lit.  “Be a minute”, she’d told her friends.

“Careful, these highway washrooms are haunted,” they’d ribbed her. Ha! Yeah,right.

She now made faces in the mirror.

She grinned.



She applied lipstick.

She made faces again.

Except…this time round, her reflection was doing the exact opposite expression.



Rohini said...

And I thought I was going to sleep peacefully! :P

Seema Smile said...

Stranger in the mirror :)

Kanthu said...

Mirrors and Dark rooms, spooking people since ages..;-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Arey yaar!No privacy at all,hmph!Spirits could be irritating that way :D

Red Handed said...

I am removing the mirror from my bathroom.

Keirthana said...

Arey, if you keep creating spirits in all possible scenarios, how are we going to sleep peacefully? :P


Rhythm said...

nothing is more spookier than a mirror!! :o

Nisha said...

Sometimes even my mirror acts like this. Or maybe I'm just too sleepy in the mornings :)

Anonymous said...

I am never going to get down on a highway now.... :-|

Soumya said...

So now I'm not supposed to go to the bathroom alone.

P.S: Please remove the word verification.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

haha.. awesome!

Any Valentine's Day special ghosts around?

PURN!MA said...

You are making my life difficult!!!! I m scared to be alone at home, in office... hate to go to car parks in basements, petrified of taking an elevator... and now thanks to you, I will think a 1000 times before I use a highway restroom! :P :P Where do you get these spookies from, huh?

phatichar said...

Rohini: Hehehe.. you're a nocturnal beast, anyway :P

Seema: :) Hmm

Kanthu: You can be my PR, buddy. :P

ET: Hai na? :P

Red: Come now..

Keirthana: spirits are omnipresent :P

Rhythm: Yes, mirrors are spooky..

Nisha: Ha ha..that could be :)

GBTP: yeah?

Soumya: Well... :P

TFL: Thanks! Umm.. no idea, day's just begun. :)

Purnima: Believe me, I'm still trying to figure that one out.. :D

Eyes-speak said...

Hahaha... You love ghosts and spirits na... I'm sure you dream only about them.. And I mean dreams, not nightmares... ;-) :-D

Aditi Ray said...

u just reminded me of a scene frm the movie Raaz2, whr the same thing happened with Kangana Ranaut and I screamed my lungs out !

and I'm not a robot, trust me, robots dont get scared, and I do that after reading ur posts ! :P

the little princess said...

arre nahi...the mirror was just a tad bit slow in showing off the reflections! oye..what's with the word verification?

phatichar said...

Speaking Eyes: I get nightmares of a different kind these days...robotic ones. :P :D

Aditi: Yeah? I haven't watched Raaz 2. Maybe now I should. And let's not start with the robots.

Princess: Hey, that's a good way of seeing it. Read my latest post for the verification. :)

Eyes-speak said...

Robotic nightmares!!!
I read in your latest post robot(ri)cs.. What have I missed???

phatichar said...

Speaking eyes: Ah, nothing..don't bother :P :), you haven't missed anything.

Eyes-speak said...

Got it now... Never noticed that line above the word-verification until yesterday... ;-)
Now my comment looks so dumb to me. I'm sure you would have laughed reading it...:-D :-P