Sunday, February 17, 2013

'Pet' Peeve...

Rani stood outside the pet store, adjusting her yellow hair band. A rabbit hopped out from inside and looked her in the eye. She had deep blue eyes, and wore a cute bow too.

Rani picked her up and went in. An old man smiled at her. “Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Rani nodded.

He bent down as if to let her in on a secret.

“This is nothing. I have more beauties inside. Want to see?”

Rani nodded excitedly.

“Come,” he motioned her over.


Jeena walked into the pet store, awed by the cute animals on display. An old man came out from inside and stood at the counter, smiling warmly.

Before she could open her mouth, a golden cocker spaniel waddled up to her feet and stared at her lovingly. Jeena gasped. Oh she was so cute.

She bent down and stroked the canine's head. The adorable thing even had a cute yellow band on her head.


The store owner looked at her lovingly. She looked back at him.

"That's a beautiful scarf you're wearing, my dear." He grinned, his eyes glowing a faint red before turning black again.



the little princess said...

what was he? a magician? :)

phatichar said...

Princess:Magicians are wait. I'll pass that question. :)

Eyes-speak said...

Poor Jeena is going to turn the next 'beauty'... We have already seen her future image in the spaniel with a beautiful yellow band and very soon a scarf too...;-) :-P

Keirthana said...

Oh man!!! I did not expect that..

Tanya said...

No no no, Jeena don't go inside!

Very nicely written.

Rohan said...

Does he target only cute girls?? Am safe then! :D

Anonymous said...

Ah! another soul lost :)

phatichar said...

Speaking eyes: :) yeah..

Keirthana: Hmmm..

Tanya: Welcome! Thank you :)

Rohan: Umm...we'd not know, right? :P

GBTP: Hehe..yeah.

Kanthu said...

Dont their parents accompany them to the pet store.? Very bad parents..:P

phatichar said...

Kanthu: They could be teens, right? :P

Rohini said...

You should'nt do this! there are like...animal lovers around who spend hours at a pet shop! :/