Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Count down

‘The book’s gone to print,’ my editor said a couple of weeks ago. It was only then it sank in (well, to be completely honest, it still hasn’t) that from here on, I had absolutely no control over the words I wrote for the past 6-7 years, and a few I wrote some months back.

It has its own destiny to face now.

A grueling month it has been. Edits, rewrites, discussions, late night chats with editor over the nitty-gritties of plot, blah, blah, and blah. Phew. As I reclined in my seat and absently counted the number of stories that I had sent, I went ‘huh. This many?’ Yeah, I’d sent 83 stories to be precise. And they picked up how many? Thirty. Thirty that the editor ‘felt’ were the best of the lot. That speaks a whole about the effort I’d put the last so many years. Thirty lousy stories were worth it. That’s all? I grimaced. But then wait a minute. Isn’t blogging all about that? Of not having to worry about best or worst, and just keep at it so you satiate your creative appetite? Be that as it may, I was (guiltily so) somewhere in the back of my mind, happy that I was done with it. Finally. It’s done. There won’t be any more of those ‘hmmm, wonder how this story would look in a published book’ kind of thoughts running in the back of my head. There'll be stories for sure, but they'll be different.

So. No big deal really, right – you blogged, now you published. And you had it all made. The package was all there, waiting to be picked up.

No siree. Uh huh.

It’s not that simple, unfortunately. Writing on the blog and writing for a book are like looking into the model of the planet rotating on a plastic axle and looking at it from up above the sky. From up there, you can only look at it (once it’s done) and either draw in a breath, or spit out a frustrating scoff. Well, either ways, it’s too far away to be actually able to do something about it. One can’t really fix those craters visible on the moon, right?

Believe me, it's nerve-racking. But then, was it fun? I guess it was… at hindsight. While you’re in the eye of the storm, all you want to do is get it over with. But now that I think about it...yeah, it was fun.

So, then what next? Well, for starters, the book is scheduled for an August release which is like a month away. The marketing head contacted me and rattled off some things that sounded like marketing-speak  - like it should. Only I can’t claim to have understood it completely. I’ll let it pass. Suffice to say I understood the important words like ‘online promotion’, ‘media reviews’, and some others I don’t remember at this point. I’ll be probably talking more about it in the days to come.

And I’ll need your help. Because, I for one, suck big time at marketing and promotion and publicity and all those things that help sell an ice-cream to an eskimo. I’d rather just hand over my ice-cream to a guy astride a camel in a desert (not sell it). But then I know we’re in the real world. And especially in today’s world, we do need to have the capability of selling ice-cream to an eskimo. And whether or not I like it, the book is now a finished product.

I just hope the people out there read it. And enjoy it. Just like how you all did.  That’s what matters to me. So, you'll help spread the spook..err..word when it comes out, won't you? I’m counting on you guys here.

 And oh yes, I'll be back here. This is home. Really.


Kanthu said...

You know, right now I'm excited, thrilled, nervous and extremely happy. Don't ask me why. Ok..??

And I want a signed copy. In return I promise to promote and market your book(I too suck, but still :P). Its the little other thing I can do other than reading your book.

Ok, I think I'm getting over excited. ;-)

PURN!MA said...

oh wow! Congratulations! I am so looking forward to laying my hands on your book! I am so sure it is gonna be great! I wish you lots of luck in this new field of writing! ahem ahem, published author now, eh?

Anonymous said...

Waiting eagerly for the august release and though you know what kind of social person I am, I will try my best to put your book out there.... Here's to good times and lots of success :)

the little princess said...

even without ur saying, u know i'll be promoting ur book like crazy! i'm so so excited and can't wait for the d-day to arrive!

Menachery said...

yeaaa Srii... so happy happy happy for uuu

maithili said...

I m so excited! I just hope I get that copy to review :D :D
Having so many blog friends who have ended up publishing their work make me feel positive :) One day it will be my book too :D :D

Erratic Thoughts said...

Ohh! Congratulations...I was waiting for the release date for so long...
So am I getting a signed copy or not? You know, it makes an extra impression and emphasis when I do the marketing/promoting (err…Flaunting, Well never mind!) :D
Oh I am so happppppy and excited myself :D Sri this is HUGE, literally :D

phatichar said...

Kanthu: Thanks, buddy.. the signed copy is a given, don't worry :) We'll also celebrate...don't worry ;-)

PURN!MA: Looks like.. finally :P Thank you so much!

GBTP: Thank you..thanks a lot! :) I know you'll do your best, so anything's good :P

Princess: Ok, I won't say it then :P

Maithili: Of course you'll publish. I'd say get on with it right now, don't stall :)Thank you so much for accepting to review. The marketing person will get in touch shortly...

ET: Junior! Thank you so get a signed copy whether or not you promote it. You're an AECSian you see :P

phatichar said...

Menachery: Thank you so much...for this, and also for being around :)

Visha said...

congratulations :)

Mirage said...

This is a BIG news. WOWWWWWWW! It is happening, in real. I'm so so sooooo happy, Sri.
Finally, the amazing result of pestering you a lot, can be seen. :)


You promised a signed copy to me too.. Okay na! ^_^

Keirthana said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally the book is gonna be here :) Waiting for August eagerly.

Sure thing about spreading the word :) That's what we are for :)

Soumya said...

I need a signed copy. In person. That's it, the Lioness has spoken :)

Congrats Sri, I'm so so happy for you. You deserve all the accolades and appreciation. I shall review the book too. On my blog atleast :P

And the rest of the 53 stories better make their way out here. They better do.

P.S: Proved I'm not a robot. Again.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Can't wait...soooo excited!!

Although I never understood, why the spooky book wasn't a Halloween release?

If u ask me, I would have decorated all the book shops where your book will be released with a spooky Halloween theme. People love shows, so give it to them sort of way. But then its just me:)

Uma said...

Can I get a signed copy?? I promise to give good reviews..;-) Jokes apart, I'm sure it will be worth the great reviews you'll get.

Me said...

Am sooooo happy Sri finally :D

Looking forward to it
and please remember the promise you did - a signed copy for me!!

Dwiti said...

Wow... Congratulations... Way to go...
When is it hitting the bookstands :)