Monday, July 22, 2013

Frankly Spooking now has a face

Ok, so the count-down has kind of begun and in all good spirits (no, no..that pun was unintended. Honest) the book now has a face. Well, some parts are still missing, but yeah, more or less.

Here it is!

Frankly Spooking on Facebook

And as we inch closer to the release date, I'll keep the page updated with news, ads, and other tid-bits. So, come all, come ye, spread the spook...err, love.

All are invited.

Wait...that sounded too formal, no?

Come on over then, what're we waiting for? Bring your folks too :)



PeeVee™ said...


Swarnali said...

Awesome new :D good luck :)

Kanthu said...


Soumya said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

P.S: Again proved, I'm not a robot!

Wings of Harmony said...

I can't wait for it!! :D GOOD LUCK!!!

Uma said...

great! good luck.
Have liked your FB page. Waiting for the book :-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

humph!M not on FB Sri :(
So I will just convey my super like here :D

Anonymous said...

:) All the luck.

phatichar said...

Thank you all! You guys rock.. :)

Creative Space said...

Hey .....I would definitely want to grab this book as m a horror fan. Will check out soon. :) my blog