Friday, July 05, 2013

Thus spooked Phatichar

Ok, the word is out, at least from HarperCollins’ side. They were not kidding when they made me sign on the dotted line and told me that they’d print the book. Amen to that.

And here’s proof. Of course, in all good earnestness I shared this link on my Facebook timeline (at the marketing head’s behest). And for those who haven’t added me on their friends list yet, or for that matter, have no intention of adding me ever, here it is:

Funny title isn’t it, for someone who likes to spook the *@#$ out of folks (I didn’t purposely write the first letter because there are too many ‘comfort’ swear words people like to use these days so they can replace the letters with whatever they prefer, be my guest) . See, I’m such an accommodative spooker. No, really..frankly speaking.

Ahem. Over to more serious business then.

What I’ve been told is over the next few weeks, the publishers are going to do the following, not necessarily in the same order, but..well, more or less – get the books fresh off the press, release the electronic version of the book cover, garner some interest by way of teasers, contests (hopefully not, I can’t imagine anybody wanting to participate in spooky contests), get some ‘important’ (I surely hope not ghosts) people to share ideas and opinions about the paranormal etc., release some sort of an ad campaign for the book, all of these on their Facebook profile. And oh, yes – reviews. A very important part of any promotional activity, nothing new about that. The book’s gonna go to some select publications, personalities etc, and receive some feedback from them. Things such as ‘This guy’s a freak, what sort of a healthy, normal thinking person in their sane minds would write stories like this, gimme a break’, or some such thing hopefully. And yes, I might have to do some interviews, hopefully during daytime (if all goes well after the reviews, that is). On second thoughts, if something spooky happens, they might wanna speak to me all the same. Hmm, never thought about that. Shudder.

And! After all this, if people still have any inclination at all to get spooked  any further...

They’ll release the book to the various book-stores, online and offline. After that, you know the rest.

Nice, huh?


Swarnali said...

Yay!! Congrats...this is amazing news (I commented on the last post too but I've no clue where it vanished....spooky o.O :P). Will definitely pick up a copy and review it :)

Gyanban said...

So glad to hear this ! Great stuff - and look forward !


KK said...

Congrats on being an author.

Wishing you best-selling, autograph-filled success!

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

And all the best :D

Uma said...

looking forward to getting my hands on the book..I'm sure it's going to be a thrilling read.

Me said...

Finally the news I have been waiting for since so long :D


Looking forward to your book Sri..

Wish you all the best. And yes will review it on my blog

Anonymous said...

Spook fest coming soon :D Lovely

Kanthu said...

Did you name the book.?? Its so apt and also witty. :-)

phatichar said...

Swarnali: Thanks..yeah, these things keep happening on my blog :P Thanks once again :)

Gyanban: Thank you!

KK: Thank you sir! :)

BabaV: Thank you :)

Uma: Thank you for the confidence :)

Me: Thank you! :)

GBTP: Thanks, J.. :)

Kanthu: Ha ha..thanks...yeah, it was the title that went with my manuscript submission - and stayed, thankfully. :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Aye, Senior! That's just really fab...
And it's official :D
All the Best Sri and God bless you!

PeeVee™ said...

:D Abominable, you are!

phatichar said...

ET: Thank you, junior :)

Peevee: :P :P

Chandreyee said...

Good for you Sri! Let me know when and where I can get the book (i'm in the US). I'm always trawling your blog for my fixes...would be nice to have a hardcopy. Here's to more Phatichar-i spine chillls! Brrr!

Seema Smile said...

Hey, I love the title. Looking forward to reading it :)

phatichar said...

Chandreyee: Thank you so much for dropping by, and for wishing. I'm sure the book will be available on Amazon; will keep you posted. :)

Seema: Thank you so much :) Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...