Friday, May 06, 2005


Yeah, men do cry watching emotional scenes. Big deal. I've done it as well. But it all depends on the involvement and the authenticity of an enactment. It might've been a samosa-like lump in my throat, almost choking me to death or it might be tears that well up, on the brink of trickling down (Never reached the bawling limit, thankfully). But it's been a while since I watched a really well played out scene, good enough to have me all red-eyed. They don't make that kinda movies anymore, I guess. But there were a few movies which melted me. And believe me, the tears were real and they appeared with surprising speed. Here are a few that did the trick:

Mahanadhi (Tamil, Kamal Hassan)

Color Purple (English, Whoopi Goldberg)

Rainman (English, Dustin Hoffman)

Goodwill hunting (English, Robin Williams) * Yeah, according to me, this guy was the real star of the movie. I"ve blogged about this scene in blurty. Here's the link:

Ankahi (Hindi, Amol palekar, Deepti Naval) * A small movie, but what performances!

Masoom (The old one...)

Beladingala Baale (Kannada, Ananth Nag)

Lorenzo's Oil (English, NIck nolte). * A lesser known movie, but one helluva story. Moved me to tears. A must see.

There are some more..don't remember now.


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