Wednesday, May 25, 2005

TJ Pandu

Something I saw a few days back reminded me of this post...again, from Blurty.

The Bangalore traffic police is now trying a hand at Djing…err..TJing – meaning Traffic Jockeying. As if unruly, rash drivers and other violators weren’t enough to fill their cups of woe, these uniformed guys have to now wield the mike and announce safety rules and other stern warnings over the speaker.

‘Hey you red jeep, go back to the white line!’

‘Don’t drink and drive, it’s dangerous for you life’ etc etc..

And at the end of the day, the cheesed out cop’s voice resembles a worn out gramophone record player drawling out tired numbers. ‘dooooon’t driiiive raaashly…’ well you get my point. But I fail to see their point. Fine, educate the drivers, reach out to the 20th driver in the 4th row behind that huge bus, trying to overtake him from the left..but, who’s listening? And what can the cop do if this guy violates the rules anyway? Refuse to play his favorite song the next time he’s stopping by? Give me a break here!! Bad Traffic manners can be turned to good ones by slapping hefty fees, not lulling them to sleep with ‘friendly’ announcements. Duh!


Anonymous said...

so you are hiding here these days huh? :) how have you been Ramana? long time and all that.


phatichar said...

pompy: Heyyyyyy!! Whatta pleasant, no hiding 'n' all yaar. just a change of place.. :) nice to see u after so long..