Monday, May 02, 2005

Why me?

If most of us think 'why me?', I guess it's not only us. But we still ask that question. I guess deep down, being human and all, it's only natural that we want to be in our respective comfort zones.

But on some days (as yesterday), as if Murphy's law weren't enough, a few other such great lawmakers join hands and shower their blessings.

It's like one of my friends had once twisted this famous phrase aptly.

"Bhagwan jab bhi deta hai, thappad maarke deta hai".

How true. How true...But, why me? Oh, why only me?



Khushee said...

It's not only you :)

phatichar said...

khush: :)

GratisGab said...

hey ramana boy, all OK? why all this whining?

phatichar said...

gratis: oh, it's nothing...just one o' those things, I guess. Am ok now.. :)

GratisGab said...

good...take care now!